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Why Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty: Major Reasons

Any professional will face ethical dilemmas at some point, regardless of their field of expertise. Why would a criminal solicitor or criminal lawyer Adelaide defend someone guilty? It is one of the most frequently asked queries of defence attorneys. It’s a fair query, and it warrants a thorough response. 

Just because a criminal defence attorney represents the guilty does not imply that they are unethical or unkind. There are several reasons why criminal defence attorneys support the guilty. And the law is allowing them the freedom to do that.

It is not the purpose of a trial to establish guilt or innocence. This is what we mean by factual guilt, and proving it at trial is never the goal. Legal accountability refers to whether the prosecution can demonstrate that you committed the crime. 

Because it is not their responsibility, criminal defence attorneys go above and beyond to establish their client’s innocence. They aren’t concerned with your actual guilt or innocence. They are responsible for delivering a fair case since they are there to uphold the system’s integrity and keep it honest.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

According to any Constitution, a person is innocent until guilt is established. A presumption of innocence is one of those rights fundamental to every person in Western civilisation. 

The burden of proof rests with the prosecution to prove your guilt. You can’t just accuse someone of a crime. Herein lies the function of a criminal defence attorney. To ensure that the prosecution can make a solid case, the accused is represented by a professional.

Charges might not be accurate.

Charges for actions that appear to be clearly defined often vary, just as the word “guilt” has multiple meanings. For instance, if someone is accused of murder even though the evidence points to a wrongful death more appropriately classified as manslaughter under the law, the defence must demonstrate why the charge is false.

The defence needs to give background.

When the evidence is analysed and witnesses are questioned, many situations that originally seemed clear-cut might become complicated. A defence team may be given information concerning an alleged crime, but following closer examination, there may be an explanation for an illegal activity’s circumstances that are not immediately obvious. If there is more to the story, a defence attorney must look into it more.

A strong defence is required.

Everyone has the right to a forceful, all-out defence, regardless of how guilty they may be. Defence attorneys and legal firms have a duty to their clients, promising them and their families that every effort will be made to safeguard their clients’ liberties and privileges. Anything less is a failure on their behalf since they weren’t fulfilling their commitment when they decided to become criminal lawyers in Adelaide.


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