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Why did ecommerce become popular?

Changes in the e-commerce industry are taking place before our very eyes. The pandemic caused many companies to move their business to the Internet. There are many brands for which digital growth is a key factor. Thanks to innovative e-commerce technology, it appears in more and more areas. In this article you can read how e-commerce will develop in the coming years.

Changing shopping habits

People do not have time to shop in traditional stores these days. To save time, they search the Internet for products and opinions about them. Statistics and analyzes show a large increase in interest in online shopping and a growing number of orders in online stores. At a time when traditional commerce is experiencing a global crisis, online sales are growing in strength.


Due to the risk of the virus spreading and the restrictions introduced, consumers changed their habits and moved a large part of their lives to the Internet. What we did stationary, we do online today – we work remotely, communicate on videoconferences, handle official matters online, and at the end of the day we shop online.


Growing importance of e-commerce and sales platforms

As traditional sales are in crisis, most business owners are looking for a solution on the Internet. Due to the losses we incur on a daily basis, it is quite urgent to transfer your brick-and-mortar store to the Internet. It is worth bearing in mind that starting sales through marketplaces is much easier, and certainly cheaper than launching an independent online store. Selling via sales platforms does not require the implementation of such advanced tools as when creating a store and does not generate such costs. Markets like for example Amazon also have much greater sales potential.


How to set up an online store on the wordpress?

WordPress, due to its intuitiveness, has become a very interesting solution, thanks to which you can build virtually any website. This also applies to creating a website with the functionality of an online store.


WordPress e-commerce is a plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress, the main task of which is to transform your WordPress site into an online store. The mechanism of its operation and handling is quite simple. You can enter products, define their parameters, such as descriptions, photos, price, inventory, and people browsing your store will gain cart functionality and will be able to order the offered products quickly and conveniently.


WordPress and WooCommerce is an interesting and flexible solution for launching an online store. Huge possibilities of personalization, appearance and wide availability of free and paid plugins make it a popular choice for companies that want to transfer their sales to the Internet. WordPress and WooCommerce as open source software are flexible, allowing you to scale and expand your store in the future.


E-commerce has become popular with both consumers and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is important to follow the latest trends and develop your e-commerce business.

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