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Why Every Building is a Potential EV Charging Station

With the number of Electric Vehicles being developed, the major barrier to their adoption by the end-users is the availability and easy access to EV Charging Stations. Due to the dependency on the electricity ports for charging, end-users have been waiting for the charging portals near their residential and official buildings to shift for Electric Vehicles.

It is being said that if there is access to electricity in a building or complex, there is a way to establish the EV Charging Supply Equipment (Charging Stations) in the vicinity. There are many factors to be considered while trying to convert your building garage or parking space into a potential charging station.

Potential of a Building & Factors to Consider

We have a variety of complexes and buildings in our vicinity. There are some single-family residences, multi-family residences, and official buildings all of which have the potential to become an EV Charging Station due to the presence of electricity in sockets. There are factors to keep in mind in each case.

In the case of single-family buildings, there is no possibility of an issue as the parking space would be private enabling avoidance of disputes and management. The parking spaces, in this case, are mostly either on the ground level or at the lower ground level. This is better for easier electric upgrades making it a bit inexpensive. The cost inculcated would be managed by the family itself and charging financials would be easy to calculate within the monthly electricity bill.

In the case of multi-family buildings, the parking space is not private to just one family causing increased physical and legal complexity barring EV adoption. In most cases, the parking spaces are not fixed for families except for high-rise complexes where spaces are allocated over several underground parking levels. This kind of situation is sure to cause disputes for charging, especially, if the charging areas are less than the occupancy of the building. Additionally, it is bound to cause issues in payment while dividing the cost for individual EV charging.

In the case of official complexes and buildings, the problems faced would be similar to multi-family residences. The financials of the installation would be managed by the building owners. But the allocation management and payment per charging bifurcation need to be addressed.

Provisioning Basic Charging Infra Requirements

For the multi-family dwellings, the electric infrastructure set-up challenges are inevitable. Due to the uniqueness of every building, electrical upgrades are not so easy. It has been estimated that the load generated by a single charging is equivalent to an entire load of a house. This means that the infrastructure set-up would be according to the load sharing, which is often an omitted detail by the unaware individuals. Therefore, separate meter connections are required to be installed.

Additionally, it has been observed that the peak time for charging in office buildings is in the morning. It collides with the peak energy utilization during the starting-up of air conditioners and other utilities. This increases the electricity generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure due to peak demand. So, this infrastructure change would require the managing of carbon and costs for all energy users.

These are just some of the infrastructure requirements for a potential charging station in buildings. All of this can be managed if you are aware of the EV Charging Management Solutions along with Electric Vehicle Charging Station Software.

Technical Solutions for Simplification of Charging Processes

From the set-up of charging infrastructure to the calculation of the cost of charging, the entire process can be managed with the EV Charging Management Solutions. These solutions allow for the inventory of infrastructure management, EV Supply Chain Solution Management, Blockchain-based EV solutions, and many more. This is a provision that is the most beneficial for those looking to turn a potential building into an EV Charging Station and those investing financially in the infrastructure installation.

Another technical solution changing the EV charging methods is the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Software. This is mostly beneficial for EV owners and potential buyers to grasp the benefits of online technology. From suggestions of nearby charging stations through a map, potential charging ports and respective charges, calculation of charging time and cost, e-billing, and online payment options, every step can be managed easily making every task a breeze-through.

With Interwork, you can achieve all that and much more. Its innovative software solutions can help you in any way possible from management solutions and software to Blockchain-based solutions like Blockchain-based EV battery as a replacement for EV Charging Station.

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