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Why Hire Solar Panel Installers?

To understand why we should hire professionally trained solar panel installers, we need to understand what solar panels are, how they work, their pros and cons, and which company would be the best for solar system installers in Adelaide

What is solar power? 

Our earth intercepts a large amount of solar energy, about 173 thousand terawatts, 10,000 times more than what the planet’s population consumes. That leads us to the question if solar power is so abundant in our atmosphere, could we one day be completely reliant on it? 

How do solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy?

Solar panels are made up of tiny units called solar cells, which are typically formed of silicon.

Silicon is a semiconductor and the world’s second most common element.

Each silicon atom is attached to its neighbours by four strong bonds, which keep the electrons in place; therefore, no current can flow, and the solar cells are made of crystalline silicon sandwiched between conductive layers.

Two layers of silicon are used in a silicon solar cell: 

  • N-type: has extra electrons 

  • P-type: has extra space, i.e., holes. 

The P/N junction: 

In the P/N junction, the electrons wander across the junction, leaving a positive charge on one side and creating a negative charge on the other side of the flow. 

How is electricity formed?

Photons, which are tiny particles of light from the sun, strike the silicon cell with enough energy to knock the electrons out of their bond, resulting in a hole that is now positively charged and a negatively charged electron. However, because the junction’s field is electric, it can only go in one direction. Electrons are pulled to the N-side, while holes are pulled to the P-side. The wandering electrons will be collected by the thin mental fingers at the top of the cell and go through an external circuit, resulting in electrical work like charging a phone or turning on a light. Then return through the conductive aluminium sheet in the back. In a solar cell, the only moving parts are electrons, which all return to their initial point. There’s nothing to wear out or exhaust. This means that solar cells can persist for decades.

For your information: 

Currently, solar cells that are the most efficient convert only 46% of available sunlight into power, while most commercial systems are barely 15-20% efficient.

Regardless of that, it is achievable to power the entire world with today’s solar technology. We need the funds to build the infrastructure and plenty of space. Estimates ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of square kilometres may seem like a lot, but the Sahara Desert has an area of ​​3 million kilometres! 

Pros and Cons: 

The pros and cons of investing in solar panels are https://fireflyenergyllc.com/san-diego-county/


  • You can save money on your electricity bill. 

  • An opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Renewable source of energy

  • Can even make you money, although potentially. 


  • It has a high upfront cost when buying 

  • It can’t be installed in every home 

  • A variety of factors can hamper power generation.

  • To be honest, not everyone likes the look of it. Not very aesthetically pleasing!

Which company to choose? 

When it comes to companies that offer solar panel installers in Adelaide, Deionno Electrical is one of the leading ones. They offer 100% consumer satisfaction and excellent customer service. Their goal is to provide unparalleled services in all areas of their business. 

Their foundation

  • Honest communication 

  • Team members will guide you through their services 

  • Answer all your questions during the whole process openly

After knowing all the information provided above, we answer the main question, “Why should we hire solar panel installers?”.


Deionno Electrical is the best because their team is professional, Friendly, Highly qualified electricians. Also you can trust them and they will make you feel comfortable and confident in your choice 

All of these qualities provided through their professional solar panel installers are completely advantageous and what we need when it comes to solar panel installers in Adelaide. 


We need a highly skilled team that knows what they’re doing and will help you and make you feel comfortable and confident in your choices.

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