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Why Irish Development and Web App for Restaurant?

Customers prefer to order via a restaurant’s application or website over a third-party app by 70%. In comparison to other countries, 54% of Irish consumers prefer to use a restaurant’s website or app. Customers have developed a strong attachment to their mobile devices, utilizing them for practically everything from bill payment and online shopping to placing restaurant orders! From the given facts, you must look for Irish app development services if you are living in Ireland.

Customers want everything within this digital environment, and mobile apps offer a one-stop solution. Smartphones are a digital reproduction of our real world, and customers want everything within this digital realm. It will also assist restaurateurs like you in catering to and engaging with your consumers in a highly digitized environment.

Web Applications for Restaurant Business

A restaurant mobile application not only allows restauranteurs to engage with consumers and build marketing channels, but it also allows customers to view menus, order and book reservations, get information about working hours, delivery possibilities, and more, all with a single tap. A lot of pieces of advice have been given there, and much has been written about the need to develop a mobile application and having a strong mobile presence.

However, the vast majority of that advice is provided by application development businesses who are unconcerned about how well your company will ultimately perform due to your marketing efforts… They simply want to scare you into signing up for their services by using alarming numbers that may or may not be supported by actual, public facts.

When you consider that 60 percent of local searches on mobile convert into buying customers within an hour and that Starbucks (a company known for setting trends in the food and beverage industry) conducted 16 percent of its monetary transactions through its application alone. It is clear that mobile is the way to go.

We have some information to share with you… all with real-life examples to assist you to do the arithmetic on the potential revenue and customers you are missing out on so you can decide whether or not to invest in a restaurant application.

Here are some powerful reasons to have a restaurant app!!!

Deals that are based on your location

I believe we have all heard about Apple’s iBeacon by now. Haven`t you gone through that? If not, then do that.

For those who are not familiar, it is essentially a little gadget that you can place up in and around your location to deliver push alerts and specials to those who are physically close to your site in order to entice them into your restaurant during mealtime. If you are a Belfast-based restaurant owner, the residents of Belfast will prefer to use your app for food service, and the same case goes with Dublin, Cork, and Derry.

Provide Referral & Loyalty Programs to Promote Your Deals

On Black Friday 2015, Pizza Ranch conducted a promotion that awarded customers double points for coming in and buying from them that day, resulting in 67.6 percent more business than they normally do on that day. So, you can do the same on special occasions, and for that, you should start promoting online some days ago. Their ROI on the money and effort they committed was 780 percent because it was such a successful and low-cost plan to implement.

One of the main reasons these works is that mobile-based loyalty programs are significantly more personal than traditional loyalty programs that throw out a punch card to every client who buys a drink.

Push Notifications to Loyal Clients

Plus, by sending push notifications reminding your loyal clients how close they are to their prize or proposing they come in for a meal or a drink that would tip them over the line points-wise, you can assure continuing use of your loyalty programs and more purchases to contribute to final goals. But do not assume loyalty programs are simply about getting free goods.

Get More Downloads with Special Offers!!!

According to a study, 65 percent of restaurant consumers would download your business’s app if you guaranteed them special offers and deals on a regular basis, and a staggering 80 percent of those people would proactively return to your restaurant to reap the benefits… even if it meant they will have to keep their mouths shut.

Internal Order Fulfillment Made Easier

Apart from making more money, mobile apps (particularly those with pickup or delivery options) make it easier to complete orders. Second, Irish app development services for restaurant app will add facility of order management that will reduce your burden and provide you ample time to focus on customer service.

Why to have a phone operator to attend the calls and jotting down the orders on a paper? understand what the person on the other end is saying and relying on their handwriting to accurately convey what needs to be done to the cooks, the people in charge of filling orders can see exactly what needs to be made, as well as any special requests given by the customer.

Online Payment Integration

Get payment online. Provide hassle-free payment service via online payment integration for your customers. No more cash policy; just get payment online into your bank account directly. And with in-app payment, your front desk personnel and delivery crew will have one less thing to worry about.

Millennials’ Sales Have Increased

You could argue that you’d increase sales among all groups, but the younger market is particularly strong in this regard. Please read the figures below. Your mind will blow up. I am writing this piece for the restaurant owners, and I ordered a burger from a local restaurant via the app. 98 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds who have paid a bill via mobile would prefer to do so again, according to Food Tech Connect.

According to GrubHub, fulfilling an order placed over the phone takes two minutes, while fulfilling a mobile order takes only 45 seconds… As a result, there is a lot faster turnaround time and a more streamlined pickup process. (Plus, the host can focus entirely on the individuals who are coming in and isn’t distracted by minute-long phone calls that keep customers waiting.)

Sharing on social media to Build the Online Presence

Social Media is one for the core aspects if you want to grow your hoteling business on the digital landscapes. You can set a timer for when one of those transactions is finished to invite your consumers to review your app on one of your online profiles or share their experience on social media, especially if you handle reservations, ordering, or payments through your mobile app (or all three). (Perhaps for additional loyalty reward points… are you starting to see how this all fits together?)

Final Thoughts!

Getting your clients to post positive experiences on social media is a terrific method to spread the word about your business and build social proof for improving your reputation in the public’s eyes and eventually leading to more business.

Hey… food providers! Still thinking of launching an app service for your foodies in Ireland? Ok. Take time and make your mind. Today or tomorrow, you will shift your business on the app by hook or cook! Digitize your business with Irish app development services.

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