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Why Is A Universal Testing Machine So Crucial For Material Testing?

What Does A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Do?

It is crucial to study and evaluate the tensile and compressive strengths of different materials to link them with their appropriate industries. However, testing the strength of materials is not an easy task. Several tests are required to retrieve the most accurate data. In this article we will discuss about the universal testing machine and how it works.

What Does A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) Do?

It is quite fascinating to acknowledge the assortment of terms in the businesses that are utilized to allude to a universal testing machine or a UTM. The “ductile analyzer,” “pressure analyzer,” and “twist analyzer” are some of the most commonly UTMs in the world.

There are additionally UTM’s that have been deprived of abilities or promoted to a particular area, which has prompted the improvement of specific names, for example, “surface analyzer” for food, “top burden pressure analyzer” for bundling and line, and “strip analyzer” for glues, tapes, and marks. Today, a UTM can play out these tests and then some. A UTM is an extraordinary multi-reason instrument for an R&D lab or QC office.

What Tests Can A Universal Testing Machine Perform?

As mentioned earlier, a universal testing machine can carry out several tasks and tests related to material testing. Here are some tests it can perform efficiently:

Tensile Test

Clamp a solitary bit of anything on every one of its closures and pull it separated until it breaks. These estimates how solid it is (elasticity), how stretchy it is (lengthening), and how hardened it is (malleable modulus). A universal testing machine can perform tensile test under optimal circumstances.

Compression Test

This test is the complete opposite of the tensile test. In this test, a universal testing machine is used to pack an article between two-level plates until a specific burden or distance has been reached or the item breaks.

Peel Test

This test is conducted using a universal testing machine that is similar to the tensile test. Notwithstanding, rather than pulling separated a solitary piece, you can pull two materials that have been fortified together. In this test, one clasp holds one material and the other cinch holds different materials.

The power is matched 1000 times each second during the test. If you do not have any idea about this testing method then you can hire some experts to operate your universal testing machine.

Bend Test

This is a pressure test where a universal testing machine is used to uphold the length of material by traversing it across two backings on each end. There isn’t anything supporting the center segment under it. At that point, you push down from above straightforwardly in the center of the range of material until the upheld material breaks or arrives at a certain distance. This test quantifies how solid the flexure (flexural strength) material is and how firm it is (flexural modulus).

However, you can use the universal testing machine for different materials. You can test the metals, plastics and other materials. You need to decide the specimen before the test, and extensometer of the machine can automatically change the record if needed. To choose the best UTM, you can search them online. Make sure, you must choose a testing machine according to the materials that you want to test.


A universal testing machine is one such instrument that is very widely used in material testing. It is called universal because of its capability to test multiple aspects of material at the same time. As far as the concern for material testing goes, Universal Testing Machines play a crucial role in simplifying carrying out multiple tests at once.

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