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Why is Blind Spot Monitor a Must-Have for Rental Cars?

Millions of people die every year across the globe due to car accidents. At times, it is due to the poor maintenance and performance of the vehicles, while at other times, the negligence and limitations of drivers endanger and claim the lives of many people. Due to such issues, automobile engineers are striving hard to lace the vehicles with safety features.

Most of the latest automobiles come with necessary safety features, while their older models, which are still in use, do not have them. Blind-spot monitoring is one such feature. So, it is the responsibility of people renting or buying cars to ensure the availability of such features and make their driving experience even safer and more comfortable.

If you wonder why blind-spot monitors are a must-have for rental cars even when they work fine without them, give a detailed read to this article and get your answer.

Top 7 Reasons Rental Cars Should Have Blind Spot Monitor

Most human beings do not have the vision of superheroes, due to which they cannot stay updated on everything and every vehicle around them on the road. However, it is necessary for safe driving. This is where the blind-spot monitors come in handy, as they keep watch on the traffic drivers cannot see and alert them in case of danger.

Some of the major reasons rental cars should have blind-spot monitors include the following:

1. Boosts Driving Awareness

The first and foremost reason you should rent cars with blind-spot monitors is that it boosts driving awareness. The drivers have to be mindful of the traffic in front of them, as well as in the right, left, and back too. Two eyes can only catch the danger in their range. Blind-spot monitors help them stay aware of traffic from every side, even if they cannot see it. Most people contact dealers offering car rental Dubai no deposit and ensure not to pay extra for a basic feature.

2. Alerts of Small Vehicles Behind

If you are renting a vehicle that is bigger in build and size, you might not be able to view the smaller vehicles behind you through the mirrors. Such a scenario can give rise to accidents and other mishaps. On the other hand, having a blind spot monitor in your car will help you stay alert of the smaller vehicles or motorbikes behind you and ensure the safety of all on the road.

3. Prevents Crashes

Another important reason your rental cars should have blind-spot monitors is that it helps prevent crashes. While changing lanes or making U-turns, you can lose sight of vehicles coming behind you and following the same action, which can cause major or minor crashes. Having a blind spot monitor will help you stay mindful of their presence and drive while ensuring a safe distance from them.

4. Boosts Response Time

Some people freeze at their place, watching some danger, and only get to act after a few seconds of assessing the situation. Such an attitude is quite dangerous when it comes to driving. Assessing the danger of a potential collision or crash through a mirror will require a few seconds for you to assess the distance and take due action, which could be too late. Having a blind spot monitor will not only make you aware in time but boost your response time too and maximize your safety.

5. Enhance Surety of Safety

Another important reason rental cars should have blind-spot monitors is that it enhances the surety of safety. It is not only important for you but for the other people riding the car with you. They will be able to ride comfortably knowing the car has all the latest and optimized safety features which will alert the driver of potential dangers and keep them safe.

6. Saves From Issues in Parking Lot

Parking the car safely is one of the biggest concerns of the life of many people. Hitting or scratching cars in the parking is quite a common practice for them which often leads to heated argumentations in the parking lot and monetary loss. Having a blind spot monitor in your car can help you park your car comfortably and avoid any issue or loss.

7. Assists in Lane Changing

The last but most important reason rental cars should have blind-spot monitors is that it offers assistance in lane changing. Changing lanes on highways is even trickier and more difficult for new drivers. Having blind-spot monitors can help them stay conscious of the traffic they cannot see directly and change lanes safely. Make sure to opt for car rental Dubai without deposit offers, so you are not scammed into paying more for getting this feature.

Are you looking for rental cars with a blind-spot monitor?

You might not be able to find them with unregistered dealers. Even if you do, you should not pay an extra non-refundable deposit to acquire them. Instead, contact the certified and registered dealers to rent cars with blind-spot monitors and ensure to drive safely at all times.

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