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Why is Teeth Whitening Necessary?

Teeth whitening is not an unusual request received by cosmetic dentists. After all, everyone loves a beautiful and healthy smile. Products promising whiter teeth have flooded the market. Teeth discolouration can occur for various reasons, such as poor oral hygiene, ageing, smoking, and others. An expert opinion is necessary. 

Discoloured teeth can affect one’s confidence and give a poor impression. Teeth whitening in Adelaide offers tailor-made treatments to achieve the desired shade for the highest customer satisfaction. The methods used are safe and effective, giving the perfect dazzling white smile.

Reasons to opt for Teeth Whitening-

  • Boost confidence

The most common reason for people wanting white teeth is to boost self-confidence. Attending events or socializing with people can become unpleasant if you restrict your smile. Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry offers personalized care with the latest technology providing the best dental services.

  • Strong Impression

A memorable first impression is necessary while attending an interview, presentation, or dealing with a client. Discoloured teeth may restrict you from showing enthusiasm and energy. Visiting a dentist before such occasions can be beneficial.

  • Poor oral hygiene

Teeth can get discoloured due to the building up of tartar, plaque, not brushing regularly, and others. Poor oral hygiene leaves your teeth yellowish, affecting your confidence. Approaching a professional dentist is required to get back a healthy smile. You can visit all smiles by design henderson to discuss how you can improve your oral hygiene.

  • Discolouration due to smoking

Smoking, chewing tobacco, or intake of alcohol are reasons for discolouration of teeth over a period of time. Cosmetic dentists provide whitening services to reverse the discolouration of teeth using safe and simple methods.

  • Choice of diet

One cannot start the day without a brew of tea or coffee. Acidic drinks and certain foods consumed daily cause discolouration of teeth by leaving a stain on them. Sugary refreshments and candies can ruin the enamel. Approaching a dentist for advice will be a wise choice to counter the effects of your daily dietary habits.

  • Effects of aging

Aging can erode your enamel, making discolouration of teeth easier. Other oral conditions accompanied by aging can have similar effects. Though aging is inevitable, reversing tooth discolouration is easy. Visiting a dentist can help lighten teeth’ colour in a few shades.

  • Certain medicines and antibiotics

Certain medicines may discolour teeth as a side effect. Antibiotics for developing children, antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and blood pressure medicines can cause teeth discolouration. Do not discontinue the medication. Visit a dentist to reduce discolouration of teeth.

  • Genetics

Genetics is a factor beyond one’s control. Some people have thin enamel, which makes the discolouration of teeth easier. Teeth can be naturally yellowish as well as per the genes inherited. Teeth whitening procedures can effectively make your teeth white by a few shades.


Teeth Whitening in Adelaide can reverse discolouration of teeth and improve their existing shade. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure and will cause no discomfort. An hour at the dentist’s office is perfectly worthwhile, given the results achieved. The latest technology, accompanied by highly trained doctors, will give you an enjoyable experience.

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