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Why Should You Listen To Tamil Classical Music?

Music touches your heart. As you close your eyes, you feel every note, every beat. The wind gently touches your face, and you feel peace. You get lost in this world of music; your heart sings along, forgetting any pain it ever felt. It feels as if the song was written for you. Song by song, note by note, the heart embraces the melody amidst the silence of the night. In your lonely luxury, you appreciate the beauty of such moments, away from the chaos of life but engulfed in the chaos of your heart. The heart is so overwhelmed that it can pour out every emotion. You listen intently, caring nothing. You are flying in the sky like a free bird, not wanting to stop, to return to reality. Such is the power of Classical Music. 

There is no categorization in music, and it has developed into different forms from jazz, rock, pop, country, heavy metal, blues, folk, and now EDM, but classical music indisputably has a distinctive appeal. So the current generation wonders how classical music has been able to thrive decades after decades, specifically regional music like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, among many which are deeply rooted in their historical premises. In this article, we will ponder on the same line of thought why one should listen to classical music. 

Did you know that Tamil classical music helps one grow as an artist immensely? The more you listen to it, the more you learn. Consider it a lecture, but presented by different people with different intuitive styles. You hear from all of them and then devise your own unique style. As a result, one gains a lot of knowledge and learns about the nitty-gritty of singing. 

Though listening to a particular type of music depends entirely on one’s taste and inclination, we can give you some reasons why people should listen more to Tamil classical music.

Complex but creative 

The compositions are made with a lot of creativity, and it is the most talent-rich genre. So if you want to assess someone’s creativity, you can try this genre, or if you want to churn your own creativity mill, then trying Tamil karaoke is your best bet. 


If you want to feel relaxed, this genre is for you. Tamil karaoke songs always calm the nerves and make one feel composed with other genres like prog, acoustic, jazz, and folk.  


You might have observed that in genres like punk rock and pop, at any point, it is playing the same rhythm over and over. It is like a few riffs are played again and again. But this is not the case in classical music; it has several variables and many varied keys.  


Even many rock and metal music genres have a lot of classical music elements. In fact, some genres have directly drawn inspiration from classical music, so it can be said that many diverse genres are rooted in classical music only. So if you want to understand a genre at a deeper level in Indian music, try Tamil karaoke songs

The intricacies and complexities of Tamil classical music have led people to believe that it is stuffy, boring, and elitist. Still, however, that is not at all the case. This narrative stops many people from enjoying or even possibly exploring the genre. Beating this myth, one has to keep an open mind and throw away their preconceived notions. One needs a different mindset from pop, rock, or EDM, with which people from the western world are most familiar. Tamil classical demands more than pop or rock due to its complexities and variations both harmonically and rhythmically. They differ in length, too, since classical works are lengthier than pop or rock music. Reading about the song or genre helps people understand those who have not had a prior reference. Be it Wikipedia or Google, the internet is flooding with such sources to read thoroughly about Tamil classical music. 

Another aspect of listening to Tamil classics is that one has to listen to different pieces by different artists more than once to understand them and relish them. So don’t be hard on yourself or reject the idea distastefully if you cannot understand absolutely anything. It is usual for a newbie to find a symphony, concerto, oratorio, or opera, puzzling at hearing for the first time because of its length and complications. But after you have heard it repeatedly, it will start making sense to you, and you will grow a hang of it in such a way that you will listen to it regularly. If only you give it, it’s due time and effort, you will enjoy your time listening to it, and thank us for not letting you miss it out any further. 

Now, if you ask, is it worth going through so much hard work to become a connoisseur of this genre? The answer is yes. It is similar to asking, “Why should you try different cuisines?” Well, anything that stimulates any of the body’s five senses, in our case, the sound, is definitely worth trying. It is what has kept Tamil classical music popular, even if it was written more than 400 years ago, and there is no more extensive test than the ‘test of time,’ right?

Cutting to the point, if you call yourself a music enthusiast, you would definitely want to know the origin and roots of modern music and see how it is, the way it is since most of the modern or western music is based on patterns and theoretical constructs that were established in the past, in the classical period. Today, classical music is used everywhere. It moves people without them knowing it since it is being extensively used in advertisements, commercials on different platforms, movies, etc. 

People who seek intellectual stimulation, patterns, extreme swings of emotions, various cultural atmospheres, transitions of deep human core, relaxation, soothing, serenity, conservatism, experimentation, variations, and diversities in respect of themes, and like to delve into the gradual metamorphoses of things, through the lens of history and its butterfly effect on other things which lead to the present, are the ones who genuinely enjoy listening. We are sure it will interest you at least some attribute, aspect, or period of it. Many people credit Tamil classical music for making one more thoughtful and thorough individual. 

Advocates of classical music opine that no modern music can match the soothing and calm offered by Tamil classical music. It is more culturally refined, and everyone can appreciate it irrespective of their age, gender, generation, or ethnicity.  

Hence, whether you are an amateur artist looking forward to broadening your horizon or a sheer karaoke lover looking for duet songs that are a must in your playlist, come and peep in our world of karaoke music, Regional Karaoke

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