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Computers and Technology

Why Small Businesses Should Lease Printing Technology

Lease Printing Technology

When it comes to running a profitable and successful business, everything is about managing finances and budgeting. In order to establish a profitable business, you need to balance office supplies, payroll, utilities, and equipment. The idea is how to provide your employees with the best tools that they need to increase productivity?

One great way to decrease costs and get your hands on the newest technology is to lease a printer or other equipment. This way, you will have plenty of capital to invest in solutions that will help grow your business. One of the essential equipment in your office is the printer. Therefore it is necessary to manage the costs related to printing in the offices. Now small businesses don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying printers as you can lease equipment.

Top 5 Benefits of Leasing Printer Technology for Small Businesses

If you are looking for different ways to enhance your office productivity and decrease costs, you are in luck. You can lease a printer for your office instead of buying expensive equipment. Let’s take a look at the different benefits of leasing printers for businesses than buying them outright.

1.    Saves Money

One of the most fundamental benefits of leasing printers is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars upfront to buy the equipment your employees need. Most reputable companies like xerox Dubai providers don’t require a down payment for leases, and even if they do, the amount is minor compared to paying the full price.

By leasing the printing technology, you can save money and invest it into other business areas like growth and development. With the money you save from leasing printers, you can upgrade your existing systems like the internet, telecom, etc.

2.    Easy Budgeting

Most small to medium-sized businesses need to have access to a high-quality printer and copier to increase productivity and for smooth business operations. However, most of the time, small companies cannot fit this huge upfront cost into their budget. By leasing printers, small companies can not only have access to the latest technology to maximize efficiency but also decrease operating costs.

Leasing offers small businesses an option for manageable payments with easy budgeting. Most companies offer great flexibility in leasing terms; it is usually around 48-63 months. This leasing term is feasible for most small businesses, which is more efficient and cost-effective.

3.    Easy Repairs and Upgrade

Rapid technological advancement makes leasing the equipment a better option as compared to buying one outright. Why? First, because most of the equipment becomes out-of-date just after a few years, which means you would be required to buy a new printer every three to five years to keep up with the world. You can opt for using your old printer, but it comes with high maintenance costs and repairs.

On the other hand, if you decide to lease a printer, you will have two benefits. First, leasing printers comes with a detailed maintenance and service plan which provides support whenever your machine breaks down. Second, leasing a printer comes with a refresh cycle that makes sure you can upgrade your printer with the latest technology when needed without any issue. Therefore, with leasing, repairs and upgrades are very economical.

4.    Tax Benefits

Every business owner wants to lower their tax bill and often look for different ways to achieve that. The good news is that leasing printers and copiers can help you with that. If you buy office equipment, you will be required to pay an Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM), but if you lease your equipment, you will not need to pay this tax amount.

Also, when you lease printers and other equipment for office use, you can write their payments off as business expenses without having to worry about depreciation costs.

5.    Bundled Consumables and Equipment

Leasing a printer will help you manage costs of consumables and maintenance, as these costs are fixed monthly payments. Depending upon the company you select, you may be able to secure bundled services that include printer consumables like toner, ink, etc. Most companies like Xerox Dubai include toners and ink in their leasing services for free for a fixed number of printouts per month.

Leasing the printers and other office equipment turns your supply payment into fixed costs. So, you can budget more easily in case you run out of consumables. With leasing equipment, you don’t have to worry about running out of consumables and paper.

Improve Your Business Printing Environment

So, there you have it. These are some of the basic advantages of leasing a printer instead of buying one upfront. If you have issues regarding budgeting, you definitely need to consider leasing a printer with management services and consumables. Leasing a printer or copier is an attractive solution, but recently companies have opted for a more advanced leasing solution referred to as managed print services. It goes beyond leasing and fulfills all printing needs of a company smartly. It is an all-in-one package with the printer, toner, paper, and maintenance. Both are equally beneficial for small businesses and corporations for effective cost management.

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