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Why To Choose Hybrid App Development?

Hybrid app development is a combination of web and native app developments. They are apps built using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, etc, and wrapped in native shells. It is a cost-saving solution when compared to native apps and is better-performing when compared to web applications. Hybrid apps are very popular and beneficial without any doubt. However, native apps are gaining a lot of popularity these days as some consider hybrid apps to be slower and less powerful than native apps.  That is the reason for the dilemma between native and hybrid apps.

Are you one of the many with the dilemma? Do you want to have solid proof for the powerful and high-speed performance of hybrid apps? Here is a list of hybrid apps that made a big impression and amazed people with their stunning performance.

Examples of Big-Performing Hybrid Apps

1. Twitter

Twitter, one of the most used social networking services is the best evidence for the powerful performance of hybrid apps and why you should go for hybrid app development. Registered users can tweet and retweet posts and read posts made by others. It has more than 200 million active users monthly and more than 500 million tweets are made every day. This means Twitter receives huge traffic every minute. What happens when there is too much traffic? The website will slow down and will crash. However, there is no such issue with Twitter. Twitter is able to handle high traffic without any problem. Twitter is a big inspiration for new businesses to go for hybrid app development.

Impressive Features of Twitter

  • Notifications to users when they have a new follower or when there is a new tweet made by someone you follow
  • Auto complete of tweets with a display of relevant suggestions
  • Group tweets to target a group of people
  • Tooltips to view more information without leaving the page
  • Sidebar to display more information
  • Highlighting of some special users
  • Adding URL shortener and many more.

2. Gmail

Gmail, the free email service from Google has used hybrid app development for its mobile app to ensure seamless performance. Almost everyone uses Gmail. A data says that more than 2 billion people are using Gmail app. The fact that Gmail is a hybrid app proves the performance of hybrid technology. Many use Gmail only for sending and receiving emails but it has lots of salient features.

Features of Gmail

  • Email filtering and categorization
  • High priority notifications
  • Creating calendar invites
  • Search suggestion
  • Writing suggestion
  • Travel updates
  • Smart reply
  • Nudging
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • Smart compose and many more

Some of the above features are AI-powered and is of great help to businesses to collaborate with clients and staff smarter and faster.

3. Uber

Uber is the app that created a stir in the market as it made traveling easier. It connects the passengers with the drivers of taxis. It allows the passengers to select the location they want to be picked and dropped. You can also select the class of car you want to ride in. Uber is the pioneer in vehicle hiring apps and many companies copied this following its huge success. This copying trend is being referred to as uberification. The app used by a billion customers and its simple user interface make it a better choice when compared to its competitors. Uber app with its numerous features is solid proof that hybrid apps perform at high speed and powerfully.

Features of Uber App

  • Multiple-drop off facility
  • Splitting fares
  • Booking for another rider
  • Scheduling drives in advance
  • Calendar shortcut that saves you from entering all details again
  • Price calculator
  • Letting others follow your ride to ensure safety
  • Easy payment options

4. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins, the favorite ice cream store of millions of people around the world has a hybrid app. It is an American chain shop for ice cream and cake and has fans worldwide. It is said to be the biggest chain store for ice cream. Baskin Robbins app has the same UI on multiple platforms as it is developed using the hybrid framework. It also facilitates offline access to its users. It has many interactive features including deals and coupons. The success of Baskin Robbins is yet another success story for hybrid app development.

Features of Baskin Robbins App

  • Access to deals and coupons offered by the company
  • Buying Baskin Robbins cards
  • Sending Baskin Robbin’s cards to friends
  • Notification of upcoming deals and events
  • Nearest store locator
  • Browsing the menu
  • Search option for finding the ice cream based on nutritional preferences
  • Personalized and global deals
  • Adding money to existing cards
  • Online payment

5. Instagram

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms with more than 500 million active every day users. Facebook that purchased Instagram is still native but Instagram has gone hybrid. After adopting a hybrid approach, the developers have been able to introduce innovative features. It can also provide offline support. Its short videos are its highlight. The user engagement for the app is increasing steeply after the introduction of the video feature. It is powered by HTML5 and has many unique features. It keeps on updating its existing features and keeps on adding more new features frequently that it is tough to catch up with the new features. Instagram has been able to make all changes easily as it is a hybrid app.

  • Edit and upload photos
  • Create and share videos
  • Live video
  • Sending messages and photos privately
  • IGTV
  • Shopping
  • Selfie stickers
  • Hashtag custom stickers
  • Eraser brush and many more.

Instagram is very popular globally and its users are growing day by day. It was originally a photo-sharing app. Today it has grown to a digital marketing platform because of its new features made possible by a hybrid framework

6. Sworkit

It is a fitness app that can help you to attain your fitness goals. The app features guided workout videos of trainers. The app has been downloaded more than 40 million times and has more than 3 million active monthly users. Its popularity soared to new heights during the lockdown when people were not able to step out of their homes. It has many varieties of fitness workouts, fitness plans, daily workouts, personalized fitness plans, and many more. The app was able to handle the sudden splurge in the number of users with ease and add many new features with lots of ease because it uses a hybrid framework. It is packed with features but provides high-speed performance. This is a wonderful example of why you should go for hybrid app development. What are its features?

  • Offline access
  • Access to the fitness community
  • Fitness workouts for all levels
  • Skip button to skip very difficult workouts
  • Playing music with workout player
  • Tracking of progress made
  • Chat with a personal trainer and many more

7. Amazon App Store and Apple App Store

App stores offer a wide range of apps that can be downloaded on your mobile device. The apps range from food apps to flight apps and from gaming apps to finance apps. There are many app stores but the top is Google play store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App store. Out of the top three app stores, Apple App Store and Amazon App store are hybrid apps.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App store is available in more than 200 countries. The name suggests that the store has only apps but it has songs, books, and movies. It lets you save money with amazon coins while downloading your favorite games and apps. It has many interesting features.

  • Recommendations based on your preferences
  • Global distribution
  • Reviews and feedback of real users
  • Virtual currency
  • Short and long descriptions for products
  • Bulleted features
  • Setting keywords upfront

Apple App Store

Apple app store has introduced many new features. The app has become user-friendly with the help of a hybrid framework. Its unique features are:

  • Better search
  • Customization
  • Siri translation
  • Previews of video apps
  • Marketing and business guidance
  • New resources for developers
  • Promotional opportunities

Apple and Amazon are giant companies that focus on perfection in all their undertakings. The fact that they prefer hybrid development for their app stores is powerful proof of the effectiveness of hybrid app development.

It is clear that there are many popular apps that are using the hybrid framework. It is proven that it provides powerful high-speed performance. So it is highly recommended for all businesses, irrespective of its size and nature.

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