Why You Need a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Why You Need a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Burglary, theft, and other property crimes cost companies $17.2 billion in losses annually.

You can’t see or monitor everything that is happening in your business on your own. This is because you may have more than one location or need to eat, sleep, and do other things. And even if you manage to be present at your business premises for 24 hours every day, you still won’t see everything.

The solution is to install a video surveillance system for your business. Here are reasons why a CCTV system can help your company.

Prevent Employee Theft

Small businesses in the US continue to suffer significant losses due to employee theft. For example, tools and equipment disappearing from yards and construction sites is a common occurrence. This is because the tools are expensive and surveillance at these sites is poor.

Imagine how much money a construction company will spend on replacing stolen tools. Some companies even go as far as getting insurance for their tools and equipment. The cost of one construction tool can be enough to buy a surveillance camera.

You can monitor all areas of your job site when you install video surveillance. You won’t need to be present since you can always replay the video and see what happened. Similarly, employees will be reluctant to steal anything from your business since they know they’re being monitored.

Monitor Workflow

Not all your employees are hard-working and willing to complete their tasks unsupervised. For example, some people may leave work before their shift is over. Others may engage in personal activities such as chatting, being on social media, or even playing games.

When you install a commercial security system, you will have a minute-by-minute record of employee performance. You will also identify bottlenecks in the workflow and remove them.

CCTV cameras are perfect for retail stores with few employees. You can use the video to know the most effective operational model for your store.

Prevent Crime

CCTV security camera installation is one of the best ways to scare burglars and criminals. This is because most thieves will target places with lax business security. Nobody will try to steal from your business if they know you are monitoring them.

You should install security cameras both inside and outside your business. This means there are no blind spots, and every area has video surveillance coverage. As a result, you will easily track the movement of people inside and outside your business building.

Some security systems have features such as motion detection and line intrusion. They may also have instant smartphone notifications to support quick responses.

It’s also possible to install an alarm and attach it to your video surveillance camera. By using advanced artificial intelligence software, the alarm can go off once an intruder enters your company’s space.

Gather Evidence

You can use security cameras to record and store information about activities on your business premises. This was traditionally a difficult thing to do because you needed many discs and tapes to store security footage. However, you can now directly transfer security footage to the cloud or small hard drives.

The development of advanced storage systems means that you can hold on to footage for extended periods of time.

You can use the video records as evidence in court. For instance, you can present the footage as admissible evidence if there is a burglary. Besides, the police and private investigators can use the footage to track down people who stole from you.

The security footage can come in handy when you are filing your insurance forms. Insurance companies tend to offer lower premiums to businesses with security features, such as video surveillance cameras.

You can use the video footage when applying for compensation from the insurance company. This is something that could have been difficult if you didn’t have supporting evidence of theft.

Improve Decision-Making

Business owners have to make accurate and fair decisions. Luckily, video surveillance camera footage can help you arrive at the best decisions.

For example, you can use security footage to identify the most popular products among your customers. You can then focus your marketing and supply chain on these products.

Security footage also shows the times when most customers visit your business. As a result, you can respond by assigning more workers to a shift with high traffic. If there is a dispute between employees or between an employee and a customer, you can use security footage to make the correct decision.

Healthy Environment

Employees and customers will be happier and more content to work in a secure environment. Nobody will be afraid of sexual intimidation or theft if there are CCTV cameras around. Similarly, your employees will be more willing to report cases of misconduct because they know the security footage will support their claims.

For example, you can expect instances of sexual harassment to end. Similarly, employees will stop behaving or addressing indecently while at the workplace.

Reduce Costs

You can expect to save a lot of money by installing CCTV cameras. First, you won’t lose any money due to theft or burglary.

Hiring security guards is costly and includes additional employee benefits and medical insurance. The security guards will also require uniforms and safety gear. Furthermore, they may need special security equipment such as pistols or guns.

Security cameras can effectively do the work of security guards. All you will need is a centralized command that one or two security guards can control. Eventually, you will make massive savings and reduce your wage bill.

Enhance Your Business With Video Surveillance System

Security is a key component of any successful business. You want to deter criminals and catch those who are stealing from you. A video surveillance system is an affordable and highly effective way to secure and protect your business.

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