Why You Need the Best Press Release Distribution: What to Know

Why You Need the Best Press Release Distribution: What to Know

If you are thinking about generating laudatory media coverage for your business, you will certainly consider a press release. The best press release distribution is likely to pay off by increasing your brand awareness.

However, you may struggle to get the media’s attention and get your story published. In such cases, you will need to work with the best press release distribution services to reach the relevant media. There are many reasons why working with experts in press release distribution will be vital for your brand.

Keep reading to learn what press release distribution entails and why you need the best distribution services.

What Does Press Release Distribution Mean?

Press release distribution is the process of sending your compelling story to a large audience consisting of journalists, bloggers, publishers, and other media outlets.

The compelling story or the press release normally contains company-related information. It could be updates on your products and services or an event like a change in the organizational structure. Press release distribution allows the message to reach a large audience.

The main goal of press release distribution is to have the media cover your story. It could be covered by media outlets such as radio, TV, blogs, or newspapers.

What Are Press Release Distribution Services?

It may be difficult for you to manage the press release distribution on your own. In such cases, a press release distribution service will help you out. The experts who offer these services will help you write your story and distribute it to relevant media outlets.

When you work with experts, there is a high possibility that various networks will share your news. As a result, more people will read your story, which will increase your brand awareness. Press release distribution services can get you more prospects and customers.

The professionals save you time when you need to circulate a press release. The services will share your story with journalists on your behalf. This means that you will not undertake any manual work of reaching out to publishers.

Although press release distribution services may cost you, they will save you time. You will let experts share your story as you focus on other crucial business activities.

Why You Might Need the Best Press Distribution Service

There are circumstances when working with the best press release distribution services is imperative for your business. You will need press release distribution services for the following:

To Boost Your SEO

With over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, you will need SEO to increase your website’s visibility. Your SEO tactics will increase your search rankings, making it easy for prospects to discover your website.

A press release distribution service can help your business rank higher in Google search queries. When a professional distributes your press release, there is a high possibility that major publications will cover your story. There is also a chance that these high-quality publications will link back to your website.

The backlinks will boost your SEO since they will alert Google that other websites believe your content is valuable. The backlinks will act as votes from the high-authority websites that will cover your press release. The more votes you get, the higher your website will rank in search engines like Google.

Some press release distribution services can optimize your press release through white hat SEO. They can increase your ranking on search engines by using the right keywords, meta tags, and writing high-quality content.

To Reach Major News Outlets Faster

Press release distribution services have established relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and reporters. They have networks with reputable media publications such as MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and NBC. These networks guarantee your placement in major media outlets.

The press release distribution services are likely to have built these connections from their previous encounters with journalists. The relationship means that the two parties can communicate directly. As a result, journalists are likely to prioritize the story circulated by a press release distribution service.

The service providers also understand the topics a given outlet is likely to cover. They can narrow down the list of media outlets and send your press release only to the publishers interested in your story. Such knowledge increases the chance that renowned media publications will feature your press release.

To Create a High-Quality Press Release

You will need the best press release distribution services when you want to write a well-curated press release.

Writing a press release can stress you out. Sometimes, it may not be possible to squeeze press release writing into your busy schedule. In such cases, you will need a press release distribution service.

The experts will put their experience to use and help you write the best press release. These services’ strict editorial processes ensure that your final press release is error-free.

The professionals will help you write a readable and properly formatted press release. They have the skills to write your press release in a way that will attract the media’s attention. Their experience means that they are wordsmiths who can make busy reporters and publishers sit up and read your press release.

In most cases, all these service providers need is your website, notes, and newsletter. Once they finish writing a press release, you can review it and suggest revisions. The room for revisions and changes ensures that your finished press release is great.

The press release distribution service also facilitates the inclusion of multimedia content. This means that your press release can have videos, colorful infographics, audio, and images. Such content will appeal more to your audience.

To Send a Press Release in Different Languages

Some press release services will allow you to translate your press release into various languages. You will need these services if your target audience doesn’t understand English.

If you are a small business owner, the language translation feature will come in handy. It will give you more diversity, allowing you to connect with prospects from different backgrounds. You can translate your press release into whichever language your target audience understands.

Language translation will ensure that all your customers and prospects get your message. As a result, there is a high possibility that a press release will generate the intended results.

To Track the Performance of Your Press Release

What do you do after sending out your press release and securing some coverage? The right thing to do is to monitor how your press release is doing.

But how do you do it? The answer is to link up with the best press release distribution services. These services will provide you with data on how many people your press release is reaching.

After a press release, the services also have tools to track what people are saying about your brand. The press release distribution services will also give you visibility reports to track your ROI in real-time. You can therefore tell whether a press release was successful or not.

The data and insight you get from tracking your press release performance are vital. You can use it to plan for and improve your next press release.

To Reach a Wider Audience

In addition to connections with journalists and major media publications, press release distribution services have thousands of email subscribers. So, you can benefit from having your press release distributed by email to key contacts.

The email subscribers may be located in different parts of the world. Working with these services means that you reach a larger international audience.

All you have to do is choose the distribution channels that suit you. The variety of channels ensures that your press release gets wide exposure. You can reach more consumers, investors, influencers, and the media.

Some press release distribution services have a geographic targeting feature. If you work with such professionals, you will have guaranteed access to the media in a particular locality. You will benefit from this feature if you want people in a given area to know about your business.

To Lower the Cost of the Press Release

Managing the distribution of a press release can be a daunting task. Taking up the process on your own will cost you time and money. You are not even sure whether the effort you put into preparing and distributing a press release will pay off.

Working with a press release distribution service is a more cost-effective option. Some of these service providers will do it all for you at a pocket-friendly price.

For example, eRelease will charge you $299 to distribute your press release using the traditional direct to journalist approach. It will also charge you less for your press release to get custom national distribution. You can check out their website for more information on how much you are likely to pay for a press release.

A press release service will charge you less and guarantee that your story will be spread across a wide network. This will mean more sales and prospects at a lower cost. You will even save more if a service has a free trial offer or discounts.

How to Select the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Now that you understand why you need press release distribution services, you need to choose the most suitable service. You need to consider a few factors when choosing a press release distribution expert. They include:

The Level of Media Exposure

A press release distribution company should guarantee you maximum exposure to the media. The service should have a list of reputable media outlets it works with or a strong syndication system to achieve this goal.

A press release distribution service is likely to increase your media exposure if it has links with authoritative media sites. It will also increase your exposure if it can optimize your press release for a higher ranking on popular search engines.

Target Audience

You should determine whether a service can help you reach influencers and journalists who tailor their content to your target audience. Focus on the locations and the business categories that the service can help you reach.

Remember to examine whether the service helps you get coverage from relevant media outlets. In this case, examine whether the service targets mainstream customer-oriented media outlets or trade publications. Choose the one that will help you reach your business audience.

Expertise in Content Writing

The success of your press release will depend on your content. For this reason, the best press release distribution service should be able to curate content that creates a buzz around your story.

The service should write content that educates and optimizes your press release through white-hat SEO. Explore the service’s website to see whether it has a team of expert writers. These writers will help you craft the best press release to attract the attention of major publications.


Examine whether a press release distribution service has features that increase the chances of coverage. For example, the service should send your press release to its network of journalists. Alternatively, it should have the capacity to publish your press release on reputable news outlets or blogs of official partners.

The best press release distribution services will have extra features. They may be able to send your release to influencers. They should also optimize your press release for search engines.

Another key feature you should consider is whether the service allows for multimedia content. Choose a service that allows you to upload videos and image content. Also, prioritize a service with analytical tools to measure your press release’s success.

Dependable Customer Support

Always choose a press release distribution service that guarantees you a quick response to your queries. The service should allow you to request revisions to your press release.

Customer support should also be available and willing to answer your questions. A service will be more dependable if it has various communication channels. If you can’t reach them via email, you can call them for a quicker response.

Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service to Share Your Story

You need press releases to communicate with your customers and prospects about your business. The best press release distribution services will make the communication seamless. They will send the press release to outlets that guarantee wide coverage and boost your SEO.

This article shows you why you need the best press release distribution. It also explains how you should select a reliable partner to distribute your press release.

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