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Why You Should Display Reviews on Your Website

When every brand starts praising itself and showcasing the positive feature to sell their product. However, these promises are proving wrong and brands are not standing on their word that they are giving when a customer buys their product. People get the reality check of any product and services through the customer reviews & opinions shared on social media networks like Facebook reviews, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, etc. 

Before buying or making a purchase decision, people first look for the reviews available online and analyze a brand or product through the reviews provided online. 

Thus, these online reviews play a crucial role in increasing brand authenticity and credibility among users. 

Here, we will be talking about the advantages of displaying Reviews on your website and what are the best platforms to add a google review widget on the website for better and more effective results. 

Benefits Of Displaying Reviews On Website

1. Boost Customer Trust

As your competitors are also saying the same thing as you are, it is hard for people to trust or believe in which brand or product. Moreover, it is also challenging for brands to earn the trust of their potential audience. 

People are looking for the facts and real buyers who have past experience with the product. hence displaying reviews on your website is a perfect way to retain paying customers. 

Displaying reviews on your website will boost customer trust and loyalty and also save their time in checking reviews on dedicated portals. 

2. Add Valuable Content

Showcasing genuine reviews on your website, add valuable content to your website. You can provide your customers a new look on your website with your customers-created content. 

As qualitative content is the key to website performance, you might be working on infographics, UX designs, website layout, etc. 

Similarly, Reviews will add more authentic content to your website. It will increase the value of content by showcasing the real side of your brand and product. 

3. Increase Credibility & Reliability

Making your website look reliable to your customer is a challenging task. You cannot do it by merely increasing the content on your website. 

Reviews boost the new sense on your website with more credible content on which people can trust and rely on. 

When real-world people talking about your brand, containing unbiased speech, will definitely move people’s attention and offer credible information to people. 

4. Enhance Audience Engagement

Showcasing customer reviews on websites increases the dwelling time of the audience by engaging them with the content created by the people. 

As the language used in the review is simple, comprehensive, and less formal also containing words of the real world that build connections with people, these are compelling enough to grab the audiences’ attention.

Moreover, inserting your customer reviews on a website gives new visitors a better option to engage on your website. 

5. Improve SEO Ranking

Inserting authoritative customer reviews on your website will help search engines to get to know about your website and find the relevance and quality of content on your website. 

As search engines are looking for the best results to show their users, it gives priority to those websites that are performing well with high authority and better user engagement.

Displaying Reviews will add both factors to your website, increasing authority as well as user engagement on your website. 

Top 3 Major Review Platforms For Maximum Results

If you are convinced of the potential of customer reviews and their enormous benefits for your marketing, you are no more away from retrieving the benefits of reviews for your own website.

Major Review Platforms

Here below are the three major platforms that people use to check customer reviews: 

1. Embed Google Reviews

Google has emerged as one of the trustworthy platforms where people easily rely on the information without any doubt. Embedding Google Reviews on your website helps your customers to save time in searching for real-people experience on Google and offer reliable content directly from Google on their website. 

Google Reviews are provided by authentic customers, it does not include any spammy or fraudulent activities. Also, anonymously no one can provide their reviews on Feedback, it requires verified email and account name for anyone to give their reviews. 

With the help of Embed Google Review tools available on the internet, you can easily collect and insert the customer reviews on your website.

2. Embed Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews are again very popular and authoritative that enhance the quality of content on your website. With its vibrant features, Facebook Reviews offer website visitors social proof of your product or brand and help them know the engagement of social media users with the brand. 

Adding Facebook Reviews to your website is so easy. Navigate on your Facebook Page and open the Review tab. Select the Facebook Review that you want to display and click on the three dots above to copy Embed Code. After copying the code you can open your website backend and paste the code inside the Reviews improve landing page’s conversion rate. Your Facebook Review will be live on your website in less than a minute.

3. Embed Yelp Reviews

Yelp has grown into a popular customer review website where people come to talk about their experience with any brand or business registered with their directory and impartially share their feedback to people to help others. 

People believe in Yelp reviews, hence embedding them on your website is a great deal to excel on online marketing.

Open Yelp Reviews and hover on it to get an embed option. Click on it and copy the code to place it on your website. Update all the changes and the powerful Yelp reviews will be live on your website.  

Wrapping Up!

Wohl! You finally come to know about the power of embedding customer reviews on your website with a major customer reviews platform that almost every customer believes in and used the social media aggregator tool. 

One bonus here is, if you are looking for a tool that collects customer reviews from diverse platforms like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Yelp, etc. then try Tagembed.

Moreover, with Tagembed you will be also able to collect User-generated content from social media platforms as well.

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy - a digital marketer that has a passion for writing and exploring new marketing trends and innovations. My interest lies in social media platforms, tools (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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