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Why You Should Go To Tonbridge With A Taxi To Luton Airport?

Taxi To Luton Airport

We’re sure that we’re Londonists and this isn’t London. Taxi To Luton Airport, we’d want to show you interesting destinations to visit and activities that are more from the city. For additional things to do close to London check out on our daily trips on this London page. Do you want to get away from London in the middle of the week? Why not travel to Tonbridge? Southend Taxi is under an hour by train, and is situated between the towns that are more well-known, such as Sevenoaks in the south and Tunbridge Wells. A rose in the middle of two thorns, if one can.

Taxi To Luton Airport

Why You Should Go To Tonbridge With A Taxi To Luton Airport?
Why You Should Go To Tonbridge With A Taxi To Luton Airport?

It’s true: Tonbridge is not Tunbridge Wells. There are two towns that are completely distinct that are located just only a few miles apart. Learn this from someone who was born in the former. If you mix the two fronts of people from Tonbridge They’ll be thrilled. If you make the mistake before people who are from Royal Tunbridge Wells, you’ll receive a less welcoming reception. It’s been warned. So let the Tonbridge concert begin.

The first thing you’ll see during your tour around Tonbridge is to take place before having quit the train station. Taxi To Luton Airport that you’ll get an expert tour guide in the shape of local star Sapphire. The tunnel connecting the platforms 3, 4 and with the car park at the station has stunning murals painted on its walls that are curvaceous that depict station and local life. The mural was created by local artist Graham Upton.

If you’re a fan of public art then turn left out of the station and go toward the roundabout. You’ll view this memorial to Olympic gold medallist and Tonbridge resident The Dame Kelly Holmes, unveiled in 2017. The sculpture is Tonbridge’s equivalent to that of Angel of the North.

Taxi To Luton Airport

Sure, Tonbridge is home to a castle and that is more than could be said about Tunbridge Wells. The castle is described as “reputedly the most beautiful example in England of an Motte as well as a Bailey Castle with a splendid 13th Taxi To Gatwick Airport. The source of this reputation isn’t clear but don’t let that stop you from visiting. It might not draw the same number of visitors as the Tower of London does, but it isn’t as bad. The Tower of London does, however, on the other hand… the place isn’t attracting the number of visitors like the Tower of London does. This is best done during winter, when the leaves have fallen off the trees.

The budding Attenboroughs will love the area around hereSwans are known to gather on the river in this area A particularly large squirrel family is found in a tree at the top of the motte as do the walls of the castle, which are home to more pigeons than any other spot in London. If you’re truly interested in this type of history, head into the Tourist Info office and hire yourself a headset for an insider tour of the gates. Additionally, there are cannons that make every good day excursion more than ten times more enjoyable.


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Drinks and food

The amazing Old Fire Station runs ever-changing amazing pop-ups

Restaurant events, Sulstons Kitchen provides healthy food, and the Tunbridge Wells’ Fuggles Beer Cafe is due to open its second branch on Tonbridge High Street in the summer. There is also an award-winning multi-award winning Farmers’ Market every second Sunday of each month (the next two are September 9 and 13, August).

Local theaters

The Oast Theater, situated within a 19th century converted Kentish Oast house, is the home of one of the County’s largest theater clubs, performing 10 shows per year. Between June 24 and July, the group will perform Murder, Margaret and Me between 22 and 29 July The troupe performs Three Men in a Boat.

The EM Forster Theater at Tonbridge School is home to drama, art and comedy performances all through the year. 

Jane Austen

This year is 100 years since her passing. Jane Austen has many links to Tonbridge. The father of Jane Austen, George was born in Tonbridge. He was baptized in the church of the parish Then he went to school, and was a teacher in the Tonbridge School.

Visitors can also explore additional links through the Jane Austen Walk, which recounts the history of the Austens as well as Tonbridge through the structures they lived in and knew.

Art scene

Tonbridge has welcomed the Artspring Gallery on the High Street. It is a friendly and artist-run gallery that gathers works by regional and local contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums and is celebrating its 1st anniversary in the month of April. Famous sculpture artist Guy Portelli is also based in the town. In many cases, he collaborates alongside local schoolchildren, he designed “The Torch” at Tonbridge Memorial Garden with a Tonbridge schoolgirl who took home the design contest. 

Cycle to Penshurst

A fantastic Tudor Trail cycle route leads from the car park of Tonbridge Swimming Pool and continues through Haysden Country Park to the Penshurst Estate. The mostly non-traffic-free route is a bit child-friendly and is expected to take approximately an hour. It winds through Barden Lake and cutting underneath the A21 The six-mile road leads the visitor through Penshurst Place, where you can enjoy a day of exploring the gardens, locate the center of the seasonally-changing Maize Maze and stroll through the rooms of this palatial country home.

Activities for kids

Due to its well-loved indoor/outdoor swimming pool as well as the Sportsground, Tonbridge has always been a fantastic place to visit for kids. You can rent the rowing boat at Tonbridge River Trips, which is next to the Big Bridge. Further afield is The Hop Farm, the family-friendly park, as well as Poult Wood Golf Center.

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