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Why you Should Invest in Wooden Furniture?

Wooden furniture has always been the first choice for homeowners. But with innovation, various other materials are increasingly gaining popularity in the market and are giving stiff competition to furniture made of wood. So much so that when you think of wooden furniture, you will imagine your grandparent’s sofa set or box bed. But there are reasons why wood is still sought after. In this article, we explore the reasons why you should invest in wood instead of other alternatives like cloth or metal or glass or plastic.

Reason 1: Strong and durable

The most important reason for the popularity of wooden furniture is its strength. Furniture made of primary varieties like teak, sal, sheesham, deodar, etc. are highly resistant to wear and tear. The hard wood is barely affected by damage due to water, termites, white ants, fungus, and more. This makes furniture made of wood highly durable. Even secondary varieties like mango wood last long and is a great option when it comes to indoor furniture. Therefore, when you purchase a teak double bed, then expect it to last all your life.

Reason 2: Classy and stylish

Nothing screams elegant and stylish in a space than a piece of wooden furniture. It can be a wooden pillar or a wooden center table, it immediately catches the eye with its polished and engraved exteriors. The impact is warm and elegant. The best part is that every piece of furniture will be different. So, the subtle differences make your furniture unique.

Reason 3: Traditional and contemporary

Furniture made out of wood can be both antique and modern as well. Many furniture manufacturers and artists create both types. Therefore, you will find designs that are heavy and antique looking, on the other hand, you will also find light and contemporary designs.

Reason 4: Easy to Maintain

It is very easy to maintain unlike other materials, which can get rusted or permanently stained. All you need to do is wipe the wooden parts with a cloth regularly to remove any dust or grime. Avoid using water to clean wooden surfaces as it may get absorbed. If there are any scratches, then you sand and get it polished and it will regain its original flawless appearance.

Reason 5: Versatile

Wooden furniture can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The suitability of each wood for outdoor purposes can be checked. The furniture can be placed in any part of the house. It can go in the patio, garden, foyer, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, basement, terrace, study room, etc. From a small wooden paperweight to wooden pillars, this category of furniture is vast and versatile.

Reason 6: Multiple Choices

When it comes to wood, there are multiple options available. You will find primary varieties like teak, deodhar, sheesham, sal, etc. and then you will also find secondary varieties like mango wood, khair, etc. Every type of wood has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, teak is one of the strongest woods, however, it is very heavy. Mango wood, on the other hand, is lighter and more malleable, but it is more prone to damage from external elements.

Reason 7: Value for Money

If you are shying away from buying wooden furniture due to the price tag, then you are making a big mistake. The longevity of wooden furniture alone makes it more valuable than any other type of furniture. Then there other factors that have been mentioned above like low maintenance, elegant appearance, durability, versatility, etc. all contribute to its value. Therefore, you may be shelling some more to pay for a wooden centrepiece, but in the long run, it will last longer.

Are you convinced yet?

Your wooden furniture is not just a functional element in your home, it is a work of art. Something that will be passed down generations. If you want your children to study on the same table as you did, then go ahead and invest in a good teak study table or writing desk. Similarly, if you want to ensure that your clothes or other belongings do not get damaged, then get a beautiful almirah made of sheesham.

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