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Why You Should visit Dubai once in your life?

Reasons of Visiting Dubai once in your life?

The Richest, Biggest, and Tallest- Dubai is that the city of everything! From its audacious lifestyle to rich culture, bold architecture, and glitzy skyscrapers, UAE, the United Arab Emirates, are awe-worthy.

From a small fishing village to a modern cosmopolitan country, Dubai has seen enormous growth. Although the 1960’s discovery of oil was the turning point in the emirate’s history, its rich culture is

Evolution of Dubai

Jumeirah-resort country roots from the Minoan period, where Bronze age cattle herders settled and started date plantation. That was the time when the area was first used for agriculture. Besides, the inhabitants start making their living from boat building, pearl diving, fishing, and trading their gold, species, and textiles.

The ancient records show that Dubai became walled in 1800; the Bur Dubai Sidewall was from Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and ended the Old Souq. The Al Ras area was walled to the Deira side.

In 1833, Dubai became a little fishing village when the Bani Yas tribe announced the town’s independence from Abu Dhabi. Thereafter, the transformations started; from a small cluster at Dubai Creek to the modernized ports, city, and commercial hubs, many projected accelerated.

Later, the country skyrocketed in growth, building edifices, and wonder’s like Dubai World Trade Center, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, etc.

Travel Preparations:

Best Time: No matter at what time of the season you are visiting, prepare yourself to experience hotness. While there’ll be scorching heat throughout the year, the weather is often milder between November and March.

Also, these months host the World’s richest horse race and the Dubai World Cup. But, if you want a Dubai traditional city tour, avoid July and August as the temperature rises to 103 degrees and the heat becomes unbearable.

Transportation: Metered taxis are the ubiquitous mode of transportation in the city, and there’s a strict flat rate. Also, the taxis include gold class and ladies-only to form your travel around the city safe and straightforward. So, book a night ladies-taxi and explore Dubai by night safely.

Weather: August sees an average temperature of 96-degree Fahrenheit and is the hottest month. However, Jan is the coldest with 66-degrees Fahrenheit.

Things To Know: You may find the city close if you are traveling during the holy month of Ramadan. So, keep up with the dates. Restaurants are going to be closed at this point to respect people that are fasting. Also, it is legally offensive to drink, eat, and smoke in public during this time.

Furthermore, there are some places in Dubai that require appropriate dressing. For instance, if you are traveling to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, wear full, conservative, and loose clothes.

Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

Language: Arabic

DUBAI – The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Also called because the entertainment hub for travelers around the world, Dubai is that the pride of the UAE. Apart from being famous for its gigantic skyline and spectacular man-made wonders, the city is the third largest and most favorite destination for shoppers.

With that, the city hosts Dubai Shopping Festival every year, attracting tourists around the world. It is the longest-running and most successful shopping festival throughout the world hosting over 3 million visitors. It celebrates shopping, huge discounts, tempting food, traveling, fireworks, festivities, and a lot more.

Reasons To Visit The DSF:

Grand Sale!

Imagine having all the lavish and extravagant products at the sale! There are more than 700 brands offering discounts from 25% -75%. Then, there’s a reduction on special days, weekends and more.

It’s the Best Time To Visit Souks:

Gold Souk and therefore the Spice Souk marketers also join the DSF, showcasing their best products at amazing deals.

You Get Lifetime Experience:

Visiting DSF is not just about shopping; instead, you get to witness awe-inspiring views and magnificent sights. Wherever you will go, souks, malls, and flea markets, you will witness the amalgamation of colors, culture, and brands.

It’s Everywhere:

During DSF, the entire of Dubai comes in festive and celebratory mode. From locals to malls to homegrown sellers, all actively contribute their share in various events. There are carnivals, live concerts, open markets, and lots of fun all over Dubai. So, no matter where you stay, you will not be able to escape from the DSF vibe.

Dubai Hot Ballon

Handy Tips For Travelers Coming To The Shopping Festival:

Be Quick:

Since it’s the most important shopping festival, sizes and stocks will fly off quickly, so start as early as possible. Also, morning times are the best to explore as there will be fewer people at that time. Say, you want to go on a desert safari, pick morning Dubai desert safari timings to avoid long waiting time.

Do Your Homework:

With numerous options, brands, and stores available, missing an honest bargain is often an opportunity. So, do research to understand where you’ll find the simplest deals, which brands offer good discounts, and more. This will give a profitable and streamline shopping experience.

Shop Smartly:

As there will be a horde of people waiting to try their size, be smart, and visit the festival wearing a t-shirt or a skive. This way, you’ll be ready to try new clothes over without waiting in queues.

Explore Thoroughly:

There will be endless options to buy things, so don’t get stuck in one shop. Try other options, explore the place, and then make a purchase. Be extra cautious when buying electronics and furniture and check discounts from other sellers.


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