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Why You These Should Avoid General Hair Transplant Mistakes

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is among the best hair transplant Los Angeles centers, offering diverse, advanced hair restoration treatments. After seeking and getting a hair transplant treatment, the patient needs to care for the transplanted hair. To do this, the patient needs to avoid mistakes that commonly happen after the surgery. In this article, we will look at these mistakes and show you how you can avoid them. Read on for more insights. 

Sleeping Flat

Many people don’t understand that that sleeping flat encourages swelling. Therefore, to prevent the risk of swelling, the patient needs to sleep with your head elevated in the first seven days after the FUE hair transplant surgery. Some people heal differently than others. Others may not even experience swelling after surgery. When you are out of surgery for a few days, if you don’t feel a slight pressure on the surgery area, you can go back to sleeping normally. 

Driving Immediately After Surgery 

In many instances, the patient who has undergone a hair transplant surgery may be under heavy sedation. Diving in this condition should be avoided at all costs. On the day of surgery, ensure that you have someone to drive you to and from the clinic. The patient should not drive 24 hours after a hair transplant surgery. 

Not Following the Prescribed Medication 

After a hair transplant Los Angeles procedure, the doctor will subscribe to the patient some drugs to help in the recovery process. One of the biggest mistakes that most patients make is not following what the doctor prescribed. The over the counter prescription medication includes antibiotics and inflammatory drugs to mitigate swelling. The patient also needs to avoid operating heavy machinery that causes vibration. Medication is very strong, especially if taken on an empty stomach. You should take your medicine after a meal. Do not drive if you are warned against operating heavy machinery.

Forgetting to Apply Ice 

When you were a child, your mother would always tell you to apply the RICE technique after hurting yourself. The RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It advisable that you apply RICE slightly above the eyebrows if the surgery site is swelling. This should be done for 20 to 30 minutes. Ice will help you deal with any pain or discomfort you may be feeling after an FUE hair transplant surgery. 

Showering or Scrubbing of Hair Immediately After Surgery 

In the first 48 hours after undergoing the hair transplant surgery, the patient is supposed to avoid washing the hair. The patient can begin washing his or her hair on the third day after surgery. Washing of hair should be done gently to avoid scratching the surgery area. On the fifth day is when the patient can wash the hair more aggressively. Direct steam towards the scalp should be avoided as well. In case you experience itchiness, you can apply the conditioner gently to soothe the itching area. 

Dyeing of Hair

Another common mistake that many patients make is dyeing the implanted hair immediately after the hair transplant Los Angeles treatment. The patient should wait for at least 4 weeks after treatment to apply dye on the hair. Die does not affect the implanted hair immediately after surgery. However, after some time, the harsh chemicals found in the die may find their way into the scalp and affect the hair transplant outcome. The implanted hair grafts will remain weak weeks after surgery; therefore, the patient should try as much as they can to take care of the hair follicles. 

Not Drinking Enough Water 

Keeping the body hydrated at all times is very important if you’ve just undergone a hair transplant procedure. Doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration center will advise their patients to drink a lot of water before and after treatment. Water helps the patient heal much faster, but it also helps to reduce discomfort. The patient will heal much faster if he or she increases water intake by 10%.

Thinking that the Implanted Hair won’t Fall Out 

Falling out of the implanted hair weeks after an FUE hair transplant surgery is quite normal. Many people don’t think that this should happen and end up panicking, thinking that the procedure did not work. At any given time, 10% or 15% of a human hair is undergoing the ‘shedding phase.’ If you have undergone a hair transplant surgery and notice your hair starting to fall out 2 to 4 weeks after surgery, don’t be afraid, as this is quite normal. 


Proper care of the transplanted hair after the hair transplant Los Angeles surgery will help you heal much better and faster. The mistakes mentioned in these articles are common to those who don’t pay close attention to doctors’ instructions after surgery. Avoiding these mistakes is critical if you want to get the best and more natural look from these types of restoration surgery. 

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