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World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day

People choose to become vegetarians for different reasons. While some people think it’s healthier to eat vegetarian food, others are vegetarians for ethical reasons.

1. World Vegetarian Day And Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

World Vegetarian Day was founded in 1977. It aims to inform people about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. It raises awareness of the ethical, environmental, and other benefits of being a vegetarian. From the point of view of a modern person, it wouldn’t be easy to transfer to vegetarianism. Yet, it could be beneficial in different ways.

It’s good for your body

How often do you feel sleepy after a meal? People usually think that this is because they ate well and did something good for their bodies. Well, actually, this is false. If you feel sleepy after lunch, it only means that your body needs a lot of energy to digest the food you took.

Eating vegetarian food means eating lots of fibers, vitamins C and E, unsaturated fat, and so on. This is why vegetarians have lower cholesterol. They also have a lower risk of heart disease and overall are in better physical shape.

It’s good for the environment

 Did you know that eating vegetarian food can be your way to stop climate change? Well, yes. Leaving out meat from your diet can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2.5 times. Eating vegetarian food can also save water supplies and spare animals. Maybe your Ohio hometown can become “greener” thanks to you.

Switching to a new type of diet can be beneficial for your home budget, too. You will be able to prepare your meals in less time. This also means that you will need less electricity and natural gas to cook. So, not only will you be in good shape and reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also save good money on your natural gas bills.

  2. Tips For Sticking To A Vegetarian Diet

 Obviously, becoming a vegetarian can have plenty of benefits. Yet, as a man is a creature of habit, switching to vegetarian food can be demanding. You will need a lot of energy and patience but it can be worth trying.

Give yourself time

It’s important not to rush things. You can’t become a vegetarian overnight. Be patient and give yourself time. For the beginning, you can start with one day a week and make it “meatless”. After a couple of weeks, you will be ready to take some bigger steps.

Your body will need some time to get used to its new sources of energy. So, start with setting some smaller goals and go slowly towards them.


If you only cut some ingredients off your diet it could be a huge shock for your body. So, make sure to replace one type of food with a vegetarian one. When you cut off one type of meat, you will need to replace it with a lot of beans, nuts, and potatoes.

3. How To Be More Efficient In The Kitchen

Once you adopt the vegetarian diet you will need to spend less time in the kitchen. Your meals will be ready faster and you will use less gas to prepare them. Yet, there are some kitchen products that can make you even more efficient in the kitchen.

Products that can help increase your efficiency in the kitchen and lower your natural gas costs are items that cut cook time. Using items like this to simplify your cooking and reduce your energy consumption are great to keep you on track to stick to your cooking journey.

Maybe you should consider one of those.

Instant pots

If you want to save some time and natural gas in your Ohio home, instant pots are a great choice for you. Preparation of some soups and beans can sometimes be a long process, but with instant pots, you will prepare your meals faster using less energy.

Air fryers

Products like air fryers can boost your efficiency and get you healthy meals. With air fryers cooking your vegetables can be really easy and quick. They use hot air for cooking so you will need less oil. Another advantage of hot air is that you need to pre-heat your air fryer. You will reduce the time you spend in the kitchen but, you will also reduce energy consumption and lower your bills.

Final thoughts

Maybe adopting a vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t look attractive at first. But, as you can see there are many reasons for which you should consider it. It’s good for your body; it saves the environment and brings you lower bills.


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