Ybor City Cigar and Heritage Festival-2020

How did It start?

In 2015, “the Cigar City” magazine of Tampa made a sensation and revisited the Cigar Culture Festival! With nearly 10,000 people from all over the world participating, the Cigar and Heritage, Traditional Festival is considered the largest festival in the world. Tampa, Florida, was once known as the Cigar Capital of the World, and Ybor City as the one who started it. 

What does it offer?

Cigar Culture Festival has the “best” cigars from all over the world; cigar lovers can find the most famous and rarest cigars, as well as some Tampa handmade “boutique” cigars they have never experienced! The traditional cigar gathering held in Tampa, Florida, each year is a celebration of tobacco and cigar culture in central Florida. This one-day event includes premium cigars from the region’s top drinking fountains, vodka and moonlight tastings, rolling cigar competitions, silent auctions, live music performances, and pale ales craft beers from local suppliers. There is also a lot of food here, from Greece to seafood to Mexico. There are various foods in the tents of many food vendors distributed throughout the park. You are never too far away not to drink some grab, beer, or wine. If you have time at the festival, please try the “Maduro” craft beer and cigars at the Ybor City Festival. You can find Cigars everywhere around. There are tents having numerous cigars on display. You don’t even have to bring your own products. You’ll have thousands of products to choose from, from well-known brands such as Davidoff, Fuente, Avo, Tampa Sweethearts, and Have-a-Tampa, to larger scales. Smaller and newer brands and upstarts may be worth studying.

What can you do?

This is a free family-friendly activity, but remember that cigars are smoked throughout the park. They also allow dogs inside. As long as you leash your dog on a tight leash at all times, you can walk it in the park. Please do not let your dog urinate in the streets, tents, or brick/concrete park areas. You must use the back of the trees and dirt areas in the park along Eighth Avenue. The Ybor City Cigar Festival is always held in the Ybor City Historic District of Centennial Park at 1800 E 8th Ave, Tampa, Florida. You can decide anytime to make your Aeromexico Reservations to visit Florida anytime and get amazing deals from the airlines.

Cigar Heritage Festival Incorporation

Cigar Heritage Festival Company is a non-profit organization registered under the laws of Florida. The organization’s purpose is to encourage and build activities in order to support the cigar industry and its traditions, culture, and history. All of these events keep the overall socio-economic and cultural well-being of Ybor City, also known as Cigar City.

Ybor City Cigar, traditional and Heritage Festival 2020

It is not going to take place in 2020 due to the strict COVID-19 guidelines. Ybor City Cigar Festival was held on December 8 in the year 2019. It is usually kept under a bright blue sky full of warm Florida sunshine at this time of the year. Once in a year, one person attended the conference from Wasilla, Alaska, another from Bangor, Maine, and another participant from Canada. Of course, most people from long distances here are likely winter snowbirds at this time of the year, which is the north’s colder climate throughout the season. It is said that instead of being held in December 2020, it will be now in March 2021. However, it can change again to any other date if the current CoronaVirus situation is not settled. Being the COVID-19 coming to a bit of relaxing phase now, flights in and out of the USA are properly resumed, so you can decide to make your Copa airlines Reservations to visit there whenever you wish to.

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