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Your Mini Guide on How to Lay Artificial Turf

A luscious green lawn can be demanding to acquire and uphold, particularly in an area with water or soil constraints. An artificial lawn is a wonderful alternative for homeowners who wish for a glimpse of a lawn but aren’t willing to put in so much effort. You can apply your patch of artificial turf, as simple as sowing seeds.

Professional workers can surely do the job efficiently for you but can turn out to be a burden on your pocket. Besides, this work is extremely simple, and a quick DIY can help you get done with it. 

So to help you save some extra bucks, here is our mini-guide on how you can lay artificial turf all on your own. Have a look. 

  • Extract The Old Lawn

If you are extracting untamed natural grass, we recommend renting a sod cutter to relocate your lawn to someone else who can utilize it. If your lawn is in a low-grade state and past protection, you will still need to pull the grass clumps and balance the space.

You will require a suitable shovel, gloves, and a wheelbarrow for this job. Besides that, make sure you keep some large organic waste bins to discard your old yard into. If you have got a sprinkler system, it is up to you whether you want to extract the whole thing out or just trim them up. 

  • Seat the Artificial Lawn

Trimming and nestling the Titan turf doesn’t actually end the work. A few more steps need to be taken care of when it comes to installing the artificial turf. 

A few of these are optional, but it’s still better to review with your artificial lawn manufacturer. It’s not tough to tow the lawn up and try again if you miss something, but it is better to get things done accurately in the first go. 

If weeds are a problem, you can spread a weed managing terrain fabric, which will stop weeds from sprouting up and through your yard, forming bumps and bruising the lawn. If you face troubles while leveling the ground, you can lay down a coating of sand or crushed stone. Perhaps make sure you use a roller over them to set the things.

Once done leveling the soil, you can proceed to the next step by laying down the underlayer of the Titan Turf. Remember, not all lawns need to undergo such a process, but it’s still better to have an additional layer. 

If you have larger space to cover, employ multiple strips of the turf and make sure you wholeheartedly repeat the said steps to have things right when it comes to end results. 

Summing Up!

Most pets assume artificial turfs to be natural ones. Hence you won’t have any such problem if you have one at your home. Rather you would be safe from having the grass left destroyed by the urine. However, it is still better to have a professional hired to get them installed to ensure the value invested in acquiring them.

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