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Your Visual Communication Guide: How to Make a GIF With a Video

Your Visual Communication Guide: How to Make a GIF With a Video

Did you know that people sent over 400 million GIFs on New Year’s Day of 2017 alone? Facebook incorporates GIFs for its visual communication features alongside emojis and stickers. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger users send 25,000 GIFs every minute.

That’s only on one platform—can you imagine the total number if it included other social media sites? The numbers imply the massive success of GIFs as conveyors of real-time emotions. With that, its popularity won’t go away soon.

Do you want to know how to make a GIF with a video? Keep on reading because this guide will help you make a GIF out of your favorite movie clip.

Choose the Video

GIFs describe feelings, so choose the video with the part that best describes how you feel at the moment. Editing is not a five-second process, so editing a GIF while in the middle of a conversation won’t do. Your goal is to send a GIF that projects how you feel in real-time.

One suggestion is to select different videos with different emotions for you to edit. It’s more convenient for you soon as you only have to choose and send. Opt for videos with subtitles since GIFs won’t include sounds.

The cool thing is that you can also choose videos with your face. Since GIFs convey emotions, get creative and be the conveyor yourself.

Cut the Video

Remember that GIFs should be short and understood without having to think twice. That’s also why we suggested using clips with subtitles. Now that you have a video you wish to make a GIF of, it’s time to trim it.

Cut the part you want. Five seconds is ideal, and it should be enough to express your response. No one would like to view a five-minute soundless visual, so go for five seconds.

There are a lot of free video editing applications you can use to make a GIF. Even paid apps offer their trimming feature for free.

An even better option to save you time is to choose a short video to convert as it is or to trim. Trimming a whole two-hour movie to a five-second clip is a chore. Remember to rename the cut file for convenience in the next step.

Convert Video to GIF

It’s not a complicated process, and you’re almost there! It’s now time to convert the trimmed clip of your choice. There are online options where you can convert video to GIF.

Online GIF converters are easy to follow. The site will have a part where you can drag and upload the video file you wish to convert. Remember the file name of the trimmed video clip, then drag and drop it to the upload section.

Note that long videos will take time to upload. Once the video finishes uploading, some converters will ask you to trim the clip. It’s better if you made the adjustments already.

Proceed by clicking download, and now you have your GIF!

Learn How to Make a GIF With a Video Today

GIFs improve communication through their visuals. So choose the best video to communicate your feelings. This guide featured how to make a GIF with a video and now you can put it into action.

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