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Zimbra Mail Server Hosting Service with Cheap Dedicated Server

Get Fully Managed Hosted Zimbra Server on Cloud

Are you looking for a Zimbra Mail Server Hosting Solution to transform Business marketing with Professional Email Solution? Then you are certainly at the right place. Here you will get to know about a powerful Tier-IV Dedicated Managed Zimbra Mail Server to host Zimbra Mailboxes on cloud. Zimbra is a very useful Email Service which offers users advanced tools to collaborate with clients & within the organization.

Users can easily manage Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Events & other items through Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It also provides users a Briefcase folder, that will be very helpful tool to manage your important & crucial documents in a secured manner. The Zimbra Suite is integrated with a powerful Anti-spam filter to keep your Inbox free from all Spamming emails.

Why Users Need Zimbra Mail Server Hosting Service?

Zimbra will only allow to store the data of any user’s mailbox in the user’s own system. One can export this data (Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Briefcase) etc. in the form of an Archive file (*.tgz). Storing data on local machine has its own advantages but it also comes up with some limitations. You cannot access it from everywhere as data is stored on the local machine.

I am using Zimbra Email service because I have got so many positive reviews from my colleagues. So, I am looking for dedicated managed cloud servers to host data with high security. I want to know about a cheap Zimbra Email hosting service provider which can help me to access Zimbra data anytime from any location.

  • R.D Sharma, New Delhi


As from above we can easily understand that here are large number of users who wans to access Zimbra Mail Server account. There are so many options available at present time but choosing best out of them is still a subject of worry. One such powerful service is NetForChoice Zimbra Cloud Hosting Solution. It is the cheapest Zimbra Server Hosting solution.

Benefits of Dedicated Zimbra Server Hosting Solution:

There are so many advantages that comes up with NetForChoice Zimbra Server Hosting on cloud. Zimbra Dedicated Server Hosting will give users hassle free accessibility of Zimbra Mailboxes. You do not need to have any email client installed in your PC to download, read or view Zimbra emails. Fortunately, you can perform all these tasks through a Zimbra Web Login portal. Some of the highlighted features of Hosted Zimbra Server are listed below:

  1. Quickly access Zimbra Mailboxes from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Automatically enable Zimbra Mail Data Backup & Restore Facility.
  3. Ensure Better Centralization of all Mailing data on a single server.
  4. Easily Maintain Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes & other items.
  5. Collaborate with Your Customers & Colleagues with Instant Chat functionality.
  6. Successfully search within your mailboxes with its advanced Search feature.
  7. Host Zimbra on tier-IV Server with 99.995% Uptime in order to provide seamless migration.
  8. Integrated with a robust Anti-spam filter & Anti-virus to protect your data from any external threat.
  9. Access your Zimbra Mailboxes on any device including Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets & compatible with all Operating Systems i.e. Android, Mac, Windows etc.
  10. It will store your data on a highly secured server while keeping 100% integrity. Data Leakage & Data Loss Prevention tools are installed to protect it from external threats.

Finalize a Deal:

There are so many users who wants to get a perfect solution for hosted Zimbra Server. Quickly Store data on cloud servers to access it anytime on any device. It will also facilitate the users to get a local archiving of mailboxes as per the users’ requirements. NetForChoice will offer you the cheapest Zimbra Email Hosting service in comparison of other alternatives. Just finalize a deal by calling below IVR Number.

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