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Zippydb’s Data Cache Using the Redis Server

Can Change the Way you Store your Data

Redis cache might sound like a complex mechanism, but once you understand it, you will know how sophisticated and valuable it is, and that’s what ZippyDB offers. Like how you have system cache on your mobile, you have cache whilst storing your data on the Redis serverClearing cache on android free up space and makes more space for the new data, just the same way a Redis server holds the data in its memory for easier and faster accessibility and when the data is not required or when it needs to make space for newer data, Redis cache comes into play and does its job.

Especially when you are in a hurry or an urgent need of the history stored in your Redis serveryou can pull the data easily without any hiccup due to the Redis cache’s presence. This is a handy feature that can be beneficial to the user when in need, and ZippyDB offers the exact same thing, and the best part is that you only pay based on how much you are using.

Memory storage in Redis servers has become hugely popular in this decade. Redis server uses particular ways to remove unused data and makes space for new data only when space is in requirement. Redis server does data caching brilliantly well when the user is in urgent need of the data. The actual connection between the application and the database is the Redis cache. Redis server manages the storage session and data caching to give the users Redis cache, which is very much needed for the best user experience.

Redis servers not only works brilliantly as a way storage session system but also an exceptional data caching system. Redis servers use Redis cache for data eviction management. Redis cache offers a considerable boost in the system’s overall productivity and efficiency and makes the life of a user easy.

The brilliance of Redis cache by ZippyDB

ZippyDB offers Redis servers to the public, and along with it comes one of the most famous cache systems of Redis, Redis cache. What Redis does is it stores frequently used memory for easier access when the user needs the data. This enhances the overall user experience and also makes the users’ work productive and efficient.

What does ZippyDb do?

ZippyDB provides serverless Redis cache for secure autoscaling of data, storage session, and more. ZippyDB is very useful for the customers as you only pay for the actual usage of the services. Their consumption-based pricing ends up being much lighter in your pocket than the competitors. The reliable, fast, and efficient usability of the Redis server makes your time worthwhile with ZippyDB. Redis cache provides fast and easy access to the memory in storage session as Redis keeps the most used data aside.

Starting Redis server will hardly take you a minute or two on ZippyDB. ZippyDB has a lot of features and advantages when compared to other services present in the market. ZippyDB is the right destination for any individual who wants to store their data. The services that ZippyDB offers were introduced to counter the other companies’ costly prices that offer the Redis server.

Features that ZippyDB offers

  •  Low or no DevOps – No one has the time to take care of a particular after taking it. ZippyDB provides low or no DevOps to eliminate the complexities of server management and development. You can focus on your business rather than the infrastructure of your Redis Server.
  •  Dashboard – Every person wants to know the infographics and data of the services he/she has chosen. ZippyDB offers you 24/7 access to the key metrics of your database on your Redis server.
  •  Cost-Effective – Unlike other services, at ZippyDB, you pay for only what you use. You pay on a per-second basis.
  •  Fully managed Redis – ZippyDB automatically handles all OS patches and Redis op for you.
  •  Security – This is also one of the significant worries of an individual, but with ZippyDB, you don’t have to worry about your security. ZippyDB has full encryption for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

These unique features offered by ZippyDB makes it one of the most secure and reliable companies that provide a Redis server and Redis cache for storage session usage.

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