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10 Benefits Of Switching To Digital Locks

Benefits Of Switching To Digital Locks

As technology becomes more advanced, it is easier than ever to protect your home and business assets with state-of-the-art security systems. Smart locks are the next stage in home security. They let you do things like check who is at your door before you open it, give friends and family access to your home, and monitor your home when you’re not there. A digital lock can help keep you safe from intruders and burglars. If you plan to buy a new home or business property, you might need to replace the security system entirely. Before discussing the benefits of switching to digital locks, let’s see what digital locks are.

What Are Digital Locks

With the advancement of technology, many people choose to use digital locks today. These include all types of locks that can be opened and closed with a code, usually a number combination. Using these devices, you do not need a key to open them. You have to enter the code on the keypad known as a digital pin pad. This type of lock improves the traditional type of lock because it is easy to use and very hassle-free. Here are some commonly used digital locks for residential and commercial security:

  • Electronic keypad locks
  • Magnetic locks
  • Bluetooth electronic locks
  • Biometric locks

Benefits Of Switching To Digital Locks

The benefits of using digital locks are numerous. Some of them are as follows:

Digital Locks Can Be Added Easily

When you are switching to digital locks, all you have to do is add a new user via the access control system’s software application, and it will send an email with a code to that user’s phone. The user can then open the door with that code and enter your home. There is no need for any drilling since the lock comes with an adapter that can be used on any existing deadbolt or lever already in place on your home or office door. These locks are extremely easy to install and come with instructions that make it easy for even someone who isn’t very tech-savvy.

Improved Security 

Traditional locks are generally easier to pick and bypass, giving thieves a quick and easy way into your home or business. Digital locks offer much more security than standard locks do like in many properties Building’s Access Control Systems are properly installed. The code only works with the right fingerprint. It can be set up so that multiple people can use the same code or password, but only one person can go in at a time. They can also be programmed with customizable access codes that allow different people to enter your building at different times without night access being granted to all of them at once. This makes it almost impossible for intruders to enter your home undetected.

If you have connected your security alarm with the device, the digital lock will alert you if an intruder tripped the alarm. If you were away when the alarm went off and someone started tampering with the door or window, then you would know about it as soon as you got home.

Increased Property Value 

Whether you’re planning to sell your house or rent out your commercial building, investing in digital locks might be a smart decision. Your property will likely increase in value with digital locks installed and can also become more marketable if it’s open to renters. People are always looking for a secure option before buying or renting a property. A well-guarded property with digital locks can appeal to more customers where you can get it sold or rented out at a price your desire. 

Better Safety For Your Kids

Kids are not so responsible for handling keys and locking the doors properly. Digital locks provide convenient entry and exit, making it easy and safe for kids. With traditional locks, there is always a chance that your kids may lose the keys on your way back home. With a keypad or fingerprint locks, all you have to do is register your child’s fingerprint or give them the code to access easily. 

Bluetooth digital locks enable electronically controlled doors through a computer or mobile device. These locks can be installed on apartment doors, bathroom doors, garage doors, and even front or back doors. For example, a parent can set a Bluetooth lock to open when their children come home from school automatically.


According to White Knight Locksmith digital locks are more resilient than the traditional locks used in homes and offices. They are made to last. Sturdy, weather-proofed, and rust-resistant, they can withstand the elements. This is why they’re perfect for exterior doors and garages. They do not wear out easily even after repeated use since they have no moving parts. There is no scope of breakage, unlike with the traditional locks.

Easy Installation 

Installing these locks is a breeze when compared to their traditional counterparts. It is as simple as choosing the right kind of lock, getting it connected through connectivity options such as Bluetooth, and pairing it with your smartphone or a remote control device such as a fob, keychain, or other similar portable devices. There is no need for a professional in this case because you can easily do the task on your own with help from guides available online or from friends who have already installed such locks in their homes or offices.

Reset Function

Digital locks can be reset in case you forget your code. All you need to do is press the “reset” button and then type your code again. Because these locks are not restricted by time or place like their old-fashioned counterparts, you can use them from any location as long as you have access to the internet.

Eliminates The Hassle Of Lost Keys

Another amazing benefit of upgrading to digital locks is that you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys with you at all times. Having key locks increases theft chances because they can get stolen or copied for unauthorized access. However, digital locks don’t require you to carry any key to open them. You can connect with it through your smartphone and enter the code. 


With digital locks, you have complete control over who gets access and when they have it. One of the main advantages is that they are cheaper when compared to traditional locks. This means that one will not have to spend a lot of money during installation. The cost of installing these locks is also very affordable, especially when you consider how much money they can save when used correctly. If you want to save time and money without sacrificing security, switching to digital locks is the way forward!

To Wrap Up

With all of these benefits, it’s little wonder that most businesses, as well as homeowners, are choosing digital locking systems for their properties. For many of us, the traditional locks are still an integral part of our daily lives, and it doesn’t look like they will be replaced by digital versions any time soon. However, if you want to take some of the pain away from your daily life, you may want to consider making the switch to digital locks. Take some time to research the different lock models out there, and you should find something that will suit your needs perfectly.

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