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10 Most Sexiest Video Game Characters of all time

Video Game Characters

There are many attractive women and men in video game characters. Yes, they’re virtual fictional characters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have sex appeal.

And hey, sometimes it’s kind of nice to appreciate the aesthetic of the person you’re playing. So today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 sexiest video game characters.

10 Triss Merigold

The Witcher Let’s start off with a redhead’s beauty, Triss Merigold of The Witcher. Triss is one of the only non-playable characters who made this list and one of the multiple love interests for Geralt.

She is not very powerful character like Mesa prime build But she serves a bigger purpose than romance- Tries is a sorceress, known as the Fourteenth of the Hill since it was believed she was killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill.

And, fun fact, during the marketing leading up to The Witcher 2’s release, she was on the polish Playboy as a cover girl.

9 Snow Villers 

Final Fantasy XIII Snow’s got some serious surfer/snowboarder vibes going on. Snow, created in contrast to Lightning, has a passionate and impulsive attitude but has received a lot of hate from the Final Fantasy game fans.

He’s a little bit cheesy, but that’s why his fans like him. That, and maybe the shock of blonde hair with that stubbly jaw. His appearance changes slightly in later games,

opting out for a less boyish look and more of an adult one with longer slicker hair. This is one of the best choosing names by the gamers for their gaming profile because its not from those funny steam names.

8 Joel 

The Last of rugged, hardened, and has a traumatic past he’ll NEVER want to talk to you about – that what you can expect from Joel from The Last Of Us.

Joel doesn’t have any of the fancy superhuman abilities that others on this list may have; his ability is being able to survive in some of the toughest, most terrifying situations and keep his head while doing it.

Not to mention, the father/daughter bond he shares with Ellie is perhaps one of the most heart warming relationships in contemporary video games. At the start of the game, we see a slightly younger Joel, and for the most part, play a slightly matured one, both of which are total babes.

7 Samus Aran Metroid

Flipping back over to the more feminine side of gaming, let’s take a look at Samus Aran; the kick-ass intergalactic bounty hunter surprised most fans with the reveal of her gender at the end of the first Metroid game in 1986, making fans question why they assumed she was male in the first place.

She was orphaned during a space pirate raid on her home of K-2L and taken to Zebes, where she was raised to become a warrior. For the most part, we play as Samus when she’s wearing her power armor,

with her taking it off at the end of the game – usually as a reward for beating it within a certain time frame. Regardless, Samus has always stood out as being a character symbolizing courage, power, and heroism.

6 Geralt

The Witcher Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of The Witcher series, and he’s got that silver fox thing going on. He’s cunning and rarely partakes in pleasures beyond that of women or the occasional tankard.

He’s a gifted swordsman and aims to choose the lesser evil when making decisions. And he’s not afraid to get a little kinky.

5 Bayonetta

There are many fans out there that consider Bayonetta to be the hottest female ever invented video game characters. Yes, this is a thing on the internet. And hey, fair enough – Bayonetta, while being a cheeky sophisticated, ruthless killer, has got a lot going on that could easily enchant any player.

So, why do people feel that she’s the babelistbabe out there? Those long legs, the sexy librarian glasses, the scantily clad/sometimes not clad at all outfits, the slight BDSM vibe that she and some of her attacks give off, and her generally badassery when it comes to killing her foes in her hack and slash games.

4 Commander Shepard

Mass EffectThis may seem like a cop-out, but hear me out. One of the best parts of Mass Effect is how the game allows for the player’s choices to impact the game’s narrative.

This includes your protagonist; you play as Commander Shepard, and you get to choose whether to play as a female or male. And you also get to choose who you’re romantically involved with, with options for same-sex coupling or interspecies coupling.

So there’s something inherently sexy about a character whom you dictate so much selection over. And it helps that developers made both them shep and male shep incredibly hot. Strong jaws, expressive eyes, and hot bodies. How could anyone on your ship say no?

3 Chun Li

Street Fighter Chun Li is one of the more female playable characters in gaming history. So naturally, she has a pretty large following of fans who think she’s super hot.

She’s even got a valiant cosplay fan base that produces many an attractive rendition of the character in real life. Many attribute her attractiveness to her curves and her way around a fight.

Others attribute it to that skirt of hers. And some downright think that Cammy is more attractive. Whatever floats your boats, friends.

2 Nathan Drake

The lead protagonist in the Uncharted series is a man of many talents. One of those talents is being undeniably attractive video game characters. Just ask any of his romantic interests over the years; it’s hard not to fall in love with him and his charismatic, thrill-seeking, yet general good-hearted nature.

He’s not afraid of a little danger, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, and he looks damn good while he’s doing it. Nathan has long held the title of the sexiest man in video games to date, although some of the men on this list do give him quite a run for his money.

But there’s something about a charming adventure with a bit of bad boy streak that leaves us enchanted by him more than the rest.

1 Lara Croft Lara Croft

Lara Croft Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame is perhaps the most iconic sex symbol in the video game industry. Initially, just a set of sharp, sexy polygons and now a fleshed-out 3D character,

Lara has always been a particular fancy for gamers, to the point where there was even a rumor of a cheat that allowed you to get her naked.

But gone are the days of mindless objectification– the latest installments of the character have developed her into a complex, flawed, yet ridiculously endearing person.

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