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3 Senior Living Options to Consider for Your Loved One

3 Senior Living Options to Consider for Your Loved One

Did you know that over 40% of seniors aged 55 to 75 and 38% of seniors aged 75 and older live in a 3-bedroom house? Why is this statistic important if you have an elderly loved one?

The statistic shows that there is a mismatch between the maintenance requirements of a home and the needs of those who inhabitant it. As we age, it’s harder to take care of ourselves, let alone tasks around the house.

This is where senior living options come in. Keep reading to learn three types to decide which is best for your loved one.

1. Independent Living Communities

An Independent Living Senior Community is what it sounds like, a community where seniors can live with access to care while still having their independence.

You might hear them called retirement communities or continuing care communities. This is the best out of the senior living options for those who can still do most things for themselves.

The benefit is that seniors get to live among their peers and engage with them.

You’ll find different housing for seniors as it is usually set up with a mix of residential settings. Seniors will also enjoy recreational activities and social events set up just for them.

On-site staff members provide minimal supervision for security purposes.

2. Assisted Living Facilities

Another one of the options for senior living is an assisted living facility. These are designed for elderly persons who have difficulty caring for themselves.

If your loved one can’t live on their own home safely without assistance, this is the option for them. These facility types are staffed 24 hours a day with employees trained to assist seniors.

In a private apartment, a senior can get help with getting dressed, bathing, using the bathroom, and more.

This is a regulated senior citizen housing form meaning it is more restrictive than independent living.

Some seniors are hesitant about joining a community of this kind, but after acclimating to the change, they end up enjoying the environment. Take your loved one on a tour of a facility to let them get a feel for it.

It’s important to know that these facilities offer different care levels depending on the state they are located in. The licensing rules and regulations vary by state.

In general, this facility type is not right for those who need regular skilled nursing care.

3. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are best for seniors who need constant monitoring due to chronic health conditions. Nursing homes are staffed with trained medical personnel, something the other types don’t offer.

This is the most restrictive living option because of the high level of supervision provided.

When it comes to affordable senior housing, you are likely to find it elsewhere. Paying for a nursing home privately is expensive and the price increases for a private room.

Medicare and Medicaid might cover short-term or long-term care if certain conditions are met. Veterans might qualify for nursing home benefits through VA.

Senior Living Options: Which Is Right for Your Loved One?

The top three senior living options are independent living communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

For seniors who don’t need any care but want to live among their peers, independent living is the best option. Nursing homes are the most restrictive and are best for those needing 24/7 care for a chronic condition.

Keep your loved ones involved in the process to help them choose the right senior living facility for their lifestyle. Keep coming back to our website for more helpful articles like this.

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