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3 Tips to prevent iPhone Screen from Scratches

Learn to Protect your iPhone Screen

Apple provides thrilling features, consequently, increase the number of users of iPhones. Afterward, every electronic gadget encounters some issues, and the same is the situation with the iPhone as well. Apple faces many common issues and provides easy solutions for iPhones.

Apple provides mirror-like shine to its iPhone screens using an innovative design. A highly-sized and elegant screen of an iPhone makes it worthy like expensive jewelry. The majority of iPhone repairs in Melbourne claim that a delicate design screen attracts more scratches than any other smartphone’s screen. It is quite evident that a small blemish on the screen ruins its entire classy look. So, iPhone users are only concerned about the iPhone screen.

Here, in this article, we will discuss how an iPhone screen can be saved from scratches. Scratches on an iPhone screen can sometimes lead to phone repairs or even iPhone screen replacement.  Below, we’ve highlighted 3 tips to prevent your iPhone screen from scratches:

Choose the Glass Screen Protectors

The era of plastic screen protectors has gone now. While these protectors were quite popular in the past, the latest invention is using tempered glass protectors. The tempered glass screen protector is made by controlled chemical thermal treatment. Additionally, increase its strength and making it 7-10 times stronger, durable, and long-lasting. Eventually, saves your iPhone screen from scratches or even shattering. The shattering of an iPhone screen may lead to iPhone screen replacement. A tempered glass protector must opt to keep your iPhone’s screen safe.

Well, numerous varieties are available in the market for screen protectors that can cause confusing you to select the best one. Therefore, iPhone repairs in Melbourne suggest some parameters to keep in mind while choosing a tempered glass screen protector.

Below are the 3 parameters to consider while opting for the protector for your iPhone screen:


This should be the primary concern while buying it. A lot of qualities are available in the market for screen protectors such as A+ or A-class copy. Moreover, different variants of screen protectors such as 5D, 7D, and 9D are present to prevent an iPhone screen from scratches.


Many users of smartphone consider screen protector as a secondary item for screen protection. This misconception leads them for buying a sub-standard screen protector. Rather than buying a cheaper and low-quality protector, buy the expensive one that lasts a long time. These top-notch protectors will not only secure the screen from scratches but also provide the best performance. For screen protectors, once buying expensive will be more productive, rather than buying multiple during a short time span. Compromising on price can lead you to iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne.


As we always opt for the right job for the right person. Likewise, always buy the glass screen protector that is made specifically for your iPhone model. Similarly, during an iPhone 11 screen replacement, phone repairs will always opt for the screen designed only for iPhone 11. The screen for iPhone X can’t be installed on iPhone 11 during phone repairs.

Opt for the iPhone Case

Probably an iPhone spends most of the time in a pocket or purse, so, it can get scratches unless you put a case on it. It is clearly stated that it is not necessary to drop your phone or step on it for scratches or repairs. The only solution to protect your iPhone from scratches or phone repairs is wearing a cover to your iPhone. Therefore, having the right case on an iPhone can keep your iPhone safe from everyday scratches and dings. It is not a surety that opting for a phone case cover for your iPhone won’t damage an iPhone ever. Apart from this, a phone case adds much-needed extra safety to your phone. These phone covers protect your phone from bends or breaks. In addition, a number of iPhone cases are available in the market having different materials and colors.

Watch Where to put it

Apple repairs charge a shocking fee for iPhone screen replacement. So, what is the smartest way to avoid this shock? Not damaging your iPhone in the first place. For avoiding screen scratches, we will have to remain extra cautious. Carrying your phone smartly, despite no protector and cover, you can avoid expensive iPhone screen replacement Melbourne. Pay attention while putting your iPhone in the pocket. It means that coins, keys, and pens should be removed from that pocket. It is always a good idea to keep your iPhone in that pocket or purse, that does not contain any other object even a piece of paper.

In the end, Apple smartphones are expensive and sensitive. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars repairing it. By closely following all the above-mentioned suggestions, you can keep your phone like new for a long time.

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