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What is Distance Learning?

ODL (Open and Distance Learning) is a method of education that allows teaching without the need to go to class. Apart from this, it also provides flexibility to the students without compromising the quality of education. Distance learning also helps you save money as the fees of these programs are lower than regular courses. India’s ODL system includes several universities such as the State Open University (SOU), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), and the Correspondence Curriculum Institute (CCI).

Why Distance Learning?

Maximum people take distance mode for higher education while working. Their main motive behind opposing distance education is to upgrade skills and put them into practice in a single work. Distance learning is affordable and gives candidates opportunities to increase their qualifications and enhance career options.


Some of the main benefits of advancing the distance education program are as follows –

  • An opportunity to study from the comfort of one’s home.
  • It is not required to attend regular classroom lectures.
  • Very flexible learning program.
  • Availability of different types of courses (UG & PG)
  • Cheap fees.
  • Additional expenses such as hostels, canteens, etc. are not required (which is the case with regular courses).
  • Many good institutions to choose from.
  • Cheap fees.
  • Accessing study material (online or by post) is very easy.
  • Evaluation tests are hassle-free.
  • An opportunity to acquire advanced skills and knowledge without compromising one’s job.


Broadly speaking, distance courses can be divided into the following three types –

  • UG courses
  • PG courses
  • Doctoral Degree courses

Some most chosen courses provided by distance learning centers are mentioned below:

Distance UG Courses:

  1. BA
  2. B Com
  3. B Sc
  4. BBA
  5. BCA
  6. BSc IT

Distance PG Courses:

  1. M Com
  2. MA
  3. MSc
  4. MBA
  5. MCA
  6. MSc IT

5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th

Diploma Courses

  • Aquaculture
  • BPO Finance and Accounting
  • Creative Writing in English
  • HIV and Family Education
  • Tourism Studies

1 Course out of 5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th is-

Diploma in Aquaculture (for Science students only)-

The Diploma in Aquaculture is a diploma-level aqua science course. The other name Aquaculture is aqua-farming, It is the cultivation of aquatic organisms such as crustaceans, fish, mollusks, and aquatic plants. This includes fresh water and saltwater farming under controlled conditions and can be combined with commercial fishing, which is wild fish harvesting. The duration of a diploma in aquaculture is not the same all around in India, but it differs from institution to institution. The minimum time to complete the course is also more or less from institution to institution. The course may also be available on a part-time basis in some institutions. This course is important in the field of marine farming where they can employ themselves in many forms.

2 Course out of 5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th is-

Diploma in BPO Finance and Accounting-

Finance and accounting are two aspects of a business that work collectively. It is about tracking financial records and transactions. These activities are recorded and balanced using accounting standards. The financial report is where all transactions can be found and then presented to the management team or customer. This is necessary for any form of company or corporation because reports about finance and accounting will measure the return on investment, assets, and liabilities.

3 Course out of 5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th is-

Diploma in Creative Writing in English-

The Diploma in Creative Writing in English program enables one to pursue one of the qualifications for creative writing by honing one’s writing skills and honoring the ability to be a professional writer. It can help in writing creatively in various genres/forms including poetry, screenplay, and memoir.

4 Course out of 5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th is-

Diploma in HIV and Family Education-

Diploma in HIV and Family Education is a social work diploma course. The Diploma in HIV and Family Education provides basic and correct information about HIV / AIDS, family life education, sex and sexuality, alcohol and drug abuse, and communication and counseling. The course content is designed to provide learners with an integrated understanding of issues involved in HIV / AIDS and behavior modification. The minimum time for this diploma course is six months and the maximum time is two years. The diploma course is very job-oriented and valuable.

5 Course out of 5 Trending Professional Distance Courses after 12th is-

Diploma in Tourism Studies-

The Diploma in Tourism Studies is a 12th level travel and tourism course. In this diploma course, the main emphasis is on tourism aspects, which facilitate the learners to specialize in chosen operational areas in tourism studies and help them to acquire related skills. This 36-credit program has three compulsory core courses, an elective course, and a project related to the elective course. The minimum time to finish the course is one year and the highest time is four years. Today’s diploma course in tourism is very valuable and important.

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