5 Most Common Reasons Your Tractor Won’t Start

5 Most Common Reasons Your Tractor Won’t Start

They’re the most expensive piece of equipment on your farm for a reason. Your tractor is your workhorse and your lifeline.

Whether you’re on the farm or on the lawn, tractors are your best friend. When they stop working, though, they might become your worst enemy.

If your tractor won’t start today, don’t worry. We’ll give you our top super-quick tips to get your machine back in working order. (Just make sure you filled up the gas tank first.)

1. Dead Battery

Listen closely: do you hear a faint click when you turn the key, and nothing else? If so, you’re dealing with a dead battery.

You know the drill. Get out the jumper cables, and your tractor will be up and running again soon.

2. Fuel Valve Shutoff Closed

This is another simple fix. Just locate the fuel valve on the water separator. If it’s in the off position, just turn it to open.

3. Transmission Gear in Wrong Position

To start your tractor, your transmission gear has to be in the neutral position. Check to see if it has been pushed into the high or low position. If so, put it back in neutral and try starting again.

4. Diesel Tractor Won’t Start? Check Oil Viscosity

When your diesel tractor won’t start, think about the outdoor temperature. Cold temperatures wreak havoc on diesel engines. One of the most common problems your diesel tractor will face is changes in oil viscosity.

In cold weather, engine oil gets thick and makes it hard for the engine to function. If there isn’t enough compression in the cylinders, the fuel won’t ignite and your tractor won’t start.

Check your dipstick. If you see thick engine oil, that’s your problem. The solution: an oil change (with winterized engine oil if necessary).

5. Broken Engine Parts

If you’ve tried every other troubleshooting tip and your tractor or lawn tractor won’t start, you may have a broken engine part.

Unfortunately, there are no snap fixes to this problem. You’ll have to find the mechanical problem and replace the part. You can either do this yourself if you have the know-how or seek help from a mechanic.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to fix your own tractor, you’ll need a good source for your parts. Choose a quality retailer like Hydro Pumps Parts. That way, you’ll know that your baby will run for a long time.

Tractor Won’t Start? We’ve Got You Covered

There’s nothing worse than gearing up for a long workday and discovering that your tractor won’t start.

However, there’s nothing better than realizing that you can solve the problem yourself — all by yourself, at minimal cost. With these tips, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your tractor woes. Even better, you’ll hopefully be able to solve them in no time.

Have more mechanical problems to solve? Keep reading. On our blog, you’ll find even more DIY tips to keep your machinery performing at its best.

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