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6 hurricane window styles Miami residents should know about

Miami is no stranger to hurricanes and the damages that ensue afterward. Therefore, proofing their houses against natural calamities is one of the first things residents of this city do when they move in. From impact-resistant windows and doors to have a foolproof evacuation plan, it is safe to say that Floridians, in general, are a careful lot. However, those who are new to the state may not know what they may need to hurricane-proof their houses, especially their windows. If you are such an individual, here are six types of hurricane windows Miami new residents should explore.

  1. Double-sash windows

Double-sash or double-hung windows are as traditional as windows get. Originating from the UK, this style comes with two “sashes” that can go up and down. They come with shutters and offer better ventilation to the house.

  1. Bow and bay windows

Bow and bay windows are similar in structure and are often lumped together. While the bow windows are curved, bay varieties are polygonal. When lumped together, they are polygonal with a slight curve and create a pocket of space and an expanded view.

  1. Casement windows

These types of windows come with hinges to their far sides. As such, they are fixtures that open outward like a door. Like double-hung windows, these allow better ventilation in the house. In the US, a crank opens them mechanically, whereas, in Europe, they come with an espagnolette.

  1. Awning windows

The awning is essentially an overhanging cover for a building’s exterior. An awning window is similar to the casement varieties; both have hinges. However, in this type of window, the hinge is on the top, which allows it to swing outward, earning its name.

  1. Picture windows

Picture windows are big, uninterrupted glazing bars that offer a great view to the onlookers and the residents of the house. These are perfect for houses with amazing surroundings, to begin with. The windows come in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to create canvas as per your choice.

  1. Gliding windows

Gliding windows are a lot like double sash ones. Like the latter, this type has two windows that slide over one another. However, the chief difference is the direction; where double-hung slides upward, gliding ones slide horizontally. These can also come in varieties with three windows: two sashes and one picture window.


These six types of window styles can come with different glass thicknesses that provide enhanced security to your house during a hurricane. While they look great when looked at from the outside, they provide safety and insulation when inside. When designing your house, you don’t have to limit yourself to any one type of window and include multiple styles, as well.

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