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6 Things to Do on Your Gold Coast Holiday

Sea beaches, theme parks to dinner shows, you name it and you get it at Gold Coast, Australia! It is such a beautiful and mesmerizing place that you will feel like never leaving the place. The whale watching and the rainforest tours are what makes Gold Coast one place for all the holidaymakers! Gold Coast is like Australia’s holiday playground for a reason and it has proven to be so! This destination is loved for its adventurous outdoor activities with an average of 300 days of summer, so if you are sticking to the coast, you will fall in love with it!

Top Things to Do In Gold Coast Holiday

1. Hitting the Beaches

Hitting the beaches, this is what the Gold Coast is famous for! With huge stretches of sand, there are plenty of options available for surfing and sunshine. The main beach, Nobby Beach, Palm Beach is famously the surfer’s paradise. Enquire with Delta Airlines reservations for knowing about the packages for all the outdoor activities.

Exploring the coastline offers a fresh breath of air with a pleasant scenic view that you will love.

2. Meeting the Cute Animals at Crumbing Wildlife Sanctuary

The Crumbing Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place of choice for getting a dose of animal fun with reasonable ticket prices and the crawliest creatures that you have ever seen! The open wide enclosures with cool and light eucalyptus and the rainforest environment are so loved by people.

There are iconic little trains in the park that kids will love riding. The sanctuary has fun tree ropes also called the Green Challenge which is a huge hit among everyone.

3. Taking the Jetboat Ride

The high octane jetboat ride in the gushing waves is a surreal feeling that nothing else can give you. Heading to Gold Coast Broadwater, the jet boat ride will be taking you to the city skyline with the surrounding marinas offering extreme water-based sports stunt places. Think about the 360-degree spins or some other adventurous sports you can try out here.

The jet boat options come for either 30 minutes or 1 hour but if you are wanting to be part of anyone, protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses for protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun.

4. See Whale Watching

During the cruise time, if you are lucky enough, you might get the chance of whale watching from up close. The Gold Coast sees a lot of whales passing through and with the 5-month whale season, many visitors can get the chance of hopping on board and taking part. The Great Barrier Reef is an ideal place for the whales to mingle and rest.

Plan your trip from April to May with so American Airlines reservations providing for Whale sighting money-back guarantee if you don’t spot a whale on your cruise tour.

5. Hot Air Ballooning

Gold Coast is just so much more than only the beaches with the Hot Air ballooning at Gold Coast providing a bird’s eye view of the Hinterland. The green fields and the sun rays make everything so glowing with the Kangaroos hopping and the dreamy land taking over.

This is an activity you simply cannot miss when on the Gold Coast. So, try this out whenever you are in Australia.

6. Picking a Theme Park

Get some thrills by riding various rides at the theme park! For all the sea lovers, they can try out the Wet and Wild Sea World or even Wet N Wild Park. If you are a fancy show fan, you can try the Mini Snow park. The Dreamworld is complete with such a fun animal section to it. It has characters like Shrek And Puss in Boots. It is Australia’s largest theme park!


These are some of the fun things to do at the Gold Coast. Plan a trip soon and the wonderful activities are a sure shot try at least once in a lifetime!

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