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6 Things You Need to Know Before You Choose an Android App Development Partner

So, your business is considering an Android development project. If your business is anything like the other technology-challenged businesses in the world, it may not have the skills, experience or resources to complete this project on its own. If you find yourself looking for an expert, you’ll need to find one that meets your requirements and has the right skills and experience. Android application development is no different than any other application development consideration. There are experts who have been working with the Android operating system for years and have the right skills and knowledge to leverage the operating system to its full potential and create a mobile application or software application for your business or consumers so that you can succeed and achieve your goals.

In this article, we discuss six (6) things you need to consider before choosing an Android application development partner. can help you to build your business with a consumer application or support your team with a business-focused mobile application.

Let’s start with the basics. Android application development leverages two primary languages, namely, Java and XML. There are many developers who are experienced in Java and XML, it is worth considering the team knowledge and skill in a bit more detail.

Android App Development – An Android development partner should have experience with automation tools and the integrated development environment (IDE) that is used to develop Android applications including the Android application studio, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Eclipse and Gradle, as well as experience with control tools and the use of GIT-source repository, GitHub and Bitbucket.

Android Studio – Android Studio is the integrated development environment (IDE) for Android apps. It supports complex Android app development for Google Glass, AI and augmented and virtual reality applications. It includes tools for code editing, bug fixes, testing and profiling and is designed as a drag and drop interface.

Android Components – Components provide a variety of entry points for your app and each plays a specific role. Some are independent and some are codependent. Developers and partners should have skill in using a variety of components including services, content, activities, activators and broadcast receivers. This knowledge will allow them to leverage components to build the best, most seamless application and to ensure appropriate performance.

Android SDK – Skilled Android developers use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to create software apps. Your development team must understand the Android SDK and its specific parameters and guidelines including application responsiveness and performance, hardware polling, UI thread blocking, and other Android restrictions and parameters. Skilled Android developers will produce a mobile application that is designed to assure the best performance and to support high customer and user satisfaction.

Genymotion – The Android environment has a cross-platform emulator that uses x86 architecture to simulate over 3,000 virtual device scenarios. Developers can test versions and debug using a drag and drop interface. It also supports sophisticated graphics for gaming applications and developers can  test and debug as changes are made and versions evolve.

VisualStudio with Xamarin – The VisualStudio environment is a Microsoft integrated development environment that is free to use and is popular among experienced Android developers. It allows developers to create mobile and web applications and is suitable iOS and Windows and for cross-platform and hybrid mobile application development. It provides a large library of plugins, supports many programming languages and allows for easy testing across platforms.

Today there are many Android mobile apps in the market (more than three million apps are available in the Google Play Store). Android is a well-known, stable development environment that offers many tools and makes it easy to build a software product or software application for use by consumers in a market environment or by business users to support the business needs. When considering an Android development partner, be sure to select a partner with the skills and experience to complete your project and to anticipate your need for growth, expansion and change.

Find out how the right Android App development services partner can help your business achieve its goals.  For more information visit our Blog.

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