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A Guide To Factory Accident Claims

A vast majority of people work in manufacturing environments.

There is always a high possibility of accidents happening in such settings. If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident at work, you should pursue a factory accident claim

Thankfully, submitting a claim for compensation after a factory accident does not mean getting stuck in a complicated procedure. Continue reading this blog to learn everything about factory accident compensation claims so that you can decide if you have a valid claim and what should be your course of action. 

We will shed light on some common types of accidents that happen in factories and the types of injuries caused by them. The guide will then talk about how to prepare for factory accident claims and how much compensation you can receive.

The Most Common Types Of Accidents Occurring in Factories

People working in factories can pick up injuries in a plethora of ways. However, stats prove that there are some accidents that have been happening more frequently than others. We have listed an overview below of some types of accidents that cause injuries in manufacturing environments:

  • Vehicular Incidents: In most factories, especially the ones where heavily automated vehicles are used to transport things from one place to another, we see vehicular accidents. This can include anything from a manually driven forklift ramming a worker to automated machinery causing mishaps. 
  • Accidents Related to Equipment and Machinery: These happen in heavy industry-related factories, where forge or car works/assembly is carried out. In such places, if the machinery or equipment is not used properly, is faulty, not maintained, and dangerous, this can result in very severe injuries. 
  • Toxic Chemicals: Exposure to harmful chemicals can result in severe burns, poisoning, and in some cases, instant death. The consequences of chemical exposure linger for many years to come and these side-effects can’t even be quantified. People walk out of chemical spills and accidents in a fine state, but after some time they fall seriously ill. The illness can continue for years. 
  • Movement-Related Accidents: These incidents can result in sprains, muscle tears, and damages or injuries caused by overexertion and putting in extra hours of work. However, in some cases, these accidents and injuries happen when the body is forced to move in ways it should not. For instance, pulling out something from places that are difficult to reach, causing the person to over-stretch. 


Common Types Of Injuries Resulting In Factory Accidents

Let’s now have a look at the actual damages that occur, as a result of all the above-mentioned accidents in factories:


  • Burns: Most factory workers are usually running at a risk of suffering from burns. Although statistically, most burns cause minor injuries, some of them can be very serious.
  • Bone Fractures: Bone breaking is the most common injury that occurs in industries. A lot of industrial accidents can cause breaking bones
  • Spinal Injuries: Spinal injuries are mostly caused by over-exertion or movement-related accidents.
  • Respiratory Problems: Problems with respiration are caused mostly due to smoke from a fire or when the worker is exposed to toxic chemicals. 
  • Damaged Eyesight: Impairment with eyes happens mostly because of intrusive objects or when exposed to fire and caustic chemicals.
  • Amputation: This happens to be the most serious injury that people sustain while working in manufacturing places. Amputations usually happen whilst dealing with heavy equipment and machines.
  • Poisoning and Toxic Shock: This happens when workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals.


Should You Blame The Employer For Factory Accidents?

If you experience a mishap at a factory resulting in injuries and you choose to claim for it, employer liability should be proven for the claim to be successful. In a lot of instances, the blame is fully directed towards the employer, but in some cases, blame can be shared with the other party as well. For instance, if the accident happened because of the factory building’s layout, and the building is owned by a third party, the blame will be shared by the employer and the owner of the building. You should know that the building owner has their own factory health and safety responsibilities to fulfil. 

Whatever may be the case, if you find yourself in the middle of any such misfortune, make sure you get in touch with an expert personal injury solicitor at your earliest to know what needs to be done. Get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal and get a free consultation regarding your whole case, learn about your legal rights, and proceed with a professional solicitor taking care of all the legal matters.


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