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Free zone Registration in UAE


Ajman Free Zone, settled on the Arabian Gulf coast, was established within the year 1988. it’s the littlest however one in all the foremost developed free zones of the UAE. Ajman Free Z0ne was established and granted autonomous standing by H.H. Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Ruler of Ajman in 1996. Ajman Free Zone features a strategic location, which supplies it the advantage of serving each the western and therefore the Japanese markets. Thereby it’s without any doubt is the most pursued free zone for business registration in Ajman Free Zone and is a likely choice for entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to set up business in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman Free Zone 

Ajman Free Zone corporations have access to four seaports and a pair of international airports, resulting in the flourishing of business in the region and thereby making it all the more convenient to have a profitable business setup in Ajman. The entire Ajman’s business setup procedure and provision of the business license to corporations is controlled and handled by the Ajman FreeZone Authority (AFZA).

Ajman Free Zone corporations have all same position within the UAE as the other UAE corporations within the matters of trade, imports, exports, contracts, visas, E-commerce, and Banking Facilities. AFZA free zone aim of this zone is to produce crucial cost-saving advantages for entrepreneurs compared to other free zones at intervals all UAE Emirates.

As against business setup in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone company setup is engaging to people who begin a brand new business from scratch thanks to its competitive fees for young entrepreneurs and multiple installment payment plans.

Setting up Business in Ajman Free Zone

In this article today, we’ll be talking at length about setting up business in Ajman FreeZone and its nitty-gritties- 

First and foremost, the Ajman Free Zone Authority continuously has the subsequent facilities on the list:

  • Flexi–desks
  • State of the art infrastructure and high class workspaces and offices
  • Humangous and spacious warehouses
  • The warehouses are advanced, has considerable space and covers all the area around Ajman Free Zone Ocean Port.
  • Customs and Immigration Office is simply across the road from Ajman FreeZone. 

Benefits of Ajman Free Zone 

Next up, it will only be logical for us to highlight the many benefits that the place has to offer making it a lucrative idea to setup business in Ajman Free Zone – 

  • 100% of foreign ownership
  • 100% return of capital and profits
  • Total exemption from all import and export duties
  • Competitive rating on-premises
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Cheap energy resources
  • Allowed to conduct business within the UAE
  • A business setup in Ajman Free Zone will hold an account in a very bank in the UAE. 
  • Possibility to induce resident or employment visas for capitalist and employees
  • Exceptionally low handling charges
  • The most economical wage structure and simple access to a colossal workforce with low labor costs.
  • Total exemption from all import and export duties
  • Lowest lease prices
  • World-class infrastructure and lowest tariffs within the region
  • 24 hours Security Services

Various Types of Licenses 

Now that we have known and mentioned at length the many benefits of setting up business in Ajman Free Zone, lets move on to getting to know the various types of licenses that can be issued within the premises of the Ajman FreeZone-

Ajman FreeZone Authority (AFZA) has four kinds of business licenses, that they issue consistent with the kind of business setup:

1. Commercial License

People who do trading activities within the free zone region are issued with a trading license. The business will add three activities in a very single license issued by the Ajman Free Zone Authority.

2. E-Commerce License

A company that desires to venture into e-Commerce or starts a web business can decide on an e-commerce license. It additionally provides promoting technical support to investors.

3. Professional License

All the UAE or foreign corporations that are willing to line up their business in providing PRO services, IT, management or marketing consultancy, in Ajman FreeZone should acquire an professional license to begin their business.

4. Industrial License

All companies concerned with the production of products have to be compelled to acquire an industrial license from Ajman Freezone Authority so as to start their mill in the freezone region. Ajman FreeZone Authority also provides warehouses and smart-store service for developing companies.

5. National Industrial License

This license is issued to corporations that fulfill the subsequent criteria:

  • Should be registered in Ajman however operative within the free zone
  • Should be registered with nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) owning a minimum of 51% of the shares of the corporate
  • A minimum of 40% of the produce of the company ought to be completed at intervals the free zone
  • Companies with a national industrial license get pleasure from exempt exports to the member states of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (AGC).


Lastly while adhering to these simple easy to follow steps, any budding or enthusiastic entrepreneur can setup business in Ajman Freezone- 

  1. Firstly, you would like to induce all the required documents and approvals by submitting all the requisite documents to the Ajman Freezone Authority
  2. After this, you would like to use for the registration method and therefore the visa process
  3. Then subsequent step would be selecting the legal entity that you just wish to establish. There are four kinds of legal entities: Free Zone institution (FZE), Free Zone financial obligation Company (FZ LLC), Branch of a far off Company, and Branch of an area Company
  4. Decide the corporate name and the nature of business so as to accumulate a license from the Ajman Freezone Authority. 

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