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Business Continuity Redesign and Digital Transformation

As the stay-at-home orders and social distancing took effect, and business trips, conferences, or gatherings of any size were cancel. We were immediate to be reminded of how important the human connection that is made face-to-face for business.

The moment COVID-19 came out and spread to the world there was no playbook – much less the most comprehensive one on how to react in a way that would allow your company to adapt the plan to the unique challenges it caused.

We were forced to use all available digital tools to conduct business both internally, as together with our partners and customers. For many, this meant an enormous shift to entirely online sales and customer service. Minneapolis-based Legacy Toys, which had been found and built on the principle of providing customers with a personal, in-store experience.

However, the owner Brad Ruoho told Fortune that “he had to quickly pivot his business and accelerate plans (which were already in motion before the pandemic) to build an online store immediately.” Ruoho told Fortune, “We grew so quickly from literally shipping nothing to shipping several hundred packages a day.”

Connect with your human connections as a crucial aspect for your online transformation

This is why rapid communication crucial as communication is vital to human interaction. Supporting employees and monitoring their progress during the transition from working from home. Including the education of children at home too was a major aspect of the epidemic to ensure physical and mental well-being. One of the ways to do this is by monitoring your employees. Maintaining communications to ensure they are informed and connect with one another and the company culture. This is in shape in Zoom parties, happy hour, trivia evenings, and various other social events that are virtual.

There are ways to sustain the feeling of connection and engagement. Integrating digital technology includes maintaining onboarding welcome rituals, checking-in emails, and ways to reduce burnout by making significant connections.

In the end, communicating clearly and honestly by creating spaces for engagement with employees and customers. Showing care and concern for your employees and customers. People will continue to grow and build your company values and culture during the time of the pandemic as well as beyond.

We’ve all heard it before: the transformation of humans and digital technology are two complementary aspects of the same transformation process. The power of machine computing and algorithmic intelligence enhance the capabilities of humans and uniquely human traits like the ability to think strategically empathy, and contextual awareness enable the effective utilization of machine learning’s capabilities. Human connection is still essential. Yuri Shafranik

Change and improve your business in the event of an epidemic.

The old-fashion office culture of driving to an office building and catching up with colleagues. Traveling many miles in order to see clients ingrain in the manner of conducting business that many businesses were hesitant or even decline a work-from-home or virtual solution. Why? Because that’s how we’ve always operated and no one was forcing the change. Enter COVID-19.

This isn’t something that mature digital companies didn’t realize. However, this scale and the variety of applications required constant improvement and adapting to each specific situation and environment regardless of whether it was educational, business social, personal, or.

Although in-person office work will likely be important in many ways. Thousands of businesses have realized that they could actually operate with remote staff. Because they needed to.

they force the world to come up with ways to manage the demands of working from home, socializing, or schooling, or even entertaining at home. Fortunately, digital tools were created to allow this variety of adaptations across different industries, sectors, and companies.

Now is the time to acknowledge that the digital age has officially begun. The search for ways to start or continue to increase the speed of digital change in your company is now an absolute necessity for advancing into the post-pandemic era.

The world is in the process of growing and changing, and is bound to bring numerous challenges that are not expected. However, we can be certain that we’ve learned a few things we’ve learned from the beginning of 2020. These lessons aren’t as best practices but can be the basis for rethinking the way businesses operate using digital technology to build a better world for everyone. Yuri Shafranik

Benefit from real-time customer insight

Before the outbreak consumers were shifting every second. Businesses were using smart digital tools to obtain instantaneous insights from data from customers to keep pace with changing customers. Data analytics-enabled businesses to spot shifts in the behavior of their customers and help them understand what they want, need, and feel. This helped data-driven actions quickly respond to changes in real-time.

In the words of Deloitte, “COVID-19 painfully shows that digitally native businesses which have been “insight-driven in default” have a higher degree of resilience… They are companies are able to handle the crises more efficiently and we are also expecting to be able to rebound and improve more quickly. …”

Companies that have a higher level of digital maturity have been able to react quickly to the needs of customers. Also, the mood of the COVID-19 pandemic changed more quickly and dramatically than it did before.

In this regard, many businesses have come up with creative ways to address customer needs. Making resources and services available. Providing available the Adobe Creative Suite is available to college students. Which did not have access to devices in the labs of universities in the spring of 2020. Other programs designed to assist faculty and students to be productive and creative?

Allow for agile communication via the pandemic

Here’s where your live customer insights base on data can apply to your messages and communication accordingly. In a world where information, and therefore the mood of employees and customers changing at such a rapid pace and so frequently, it’s crucial to be able to change your communication with agility in response to real-time information.

Many companies created regular newsletters and digital channels to share company communications with employees and customers. Offering areas for them to ask questions and discover what their colleagues across different industries were reacting and changing.

According to a McKinsey study, “Leaders may be inclined to rely on governments or media sources for clear, straightforward safety guidelines. Do not. Employers often don’t realize how much their employees count on them as reliable sources.”

The creation of central spaces to facilitate communication and interaction with employees has been crucial. Walmart and their employees utilize One Walmart the company intranet website for keeping up to date.  With constantly changing policies and access to resources. Engaging employees and keeping them well-informed will allow them to feel more comfortable, productive, and productive at work and also.

Take advantage of the digital revolution

Then Stacy Martinet, VP of Marketing Strategy and Communications at Adobe stated “We’re never going to go back. This digital age is upon us. It is the start of the next chapter and what people learn today will be useful in the coming era.”

The old norm hasn’t come back. It’s a great thing. Take advantage of your challenges and opportunities to develop and grow for both you and your clients. Business, school, work and entertainment, travel, and the rest of our lives will transform.


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