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Buying a plot, a cottage, and building a house in Lawnz by Danube Properties

Buying a plot, a cottage, and building a house in Lawnz by Danube Properties

The increase in expenses commented that the real estate market decreased or partly depressed development but did not panic off dormant clients. People remain to look for accommodations in or near the city. According to specialists, home establishments are attractive, where you can obtain a land development for residence or a ready-made bungalow. Most maximum developers in Lawnz by Danube Properties

have many years of practice in the real estate market, so their reliability can be assumed. Nevertheless, it is more beneficial to examine each scheme so as not to pay cash for air.

Choosing a home: what to look for?

Some real estate markets are being built and leased on time, and those whose construction is slowly progressing. Because of this, the deadline for the delivery of houses is extended indefinitely. In order not to get into a similar situation, you need to take into account several features when purchasing real estate in a cottage community:

 Communication must be done

Only this fact will guarantee that gas, water, electricity will be connected to residential buildings. Promises from a sales manager regarding their quick installation are worthless.

Mandatory availability of infrastructure.

Often such objects are being built simultaneously with houses, but there are Dream Design Property where there are only places designated for a school, hospital, kindergarten, supermarket, etc.

The number of residential buildings erected

must correspond to the design documentation. If only fences are installed on the sites, then there is a high probability that construction will not begin soon.

Estimation of the distance.

There are districts where it takes much longer to travel on the city map than from adjacent cottage settlements. It is only necessary to estimate their location during peak hours when online maps reflect the real-time on the road in real-time.

In the contract with the developer,

it is necessary to register the construction of the road, indicating the exact period of completion of each stage of work.

Payment method.

Developers sometimes urge people to pay for the house in cash, arguing that it is cheaper. Such a purchase is justified when a ready-made cottage is sold because the risk of losing your funds is minimal. In other cases, you need to choose a different payment method.


Building a house in a Lawnz by Danube Properties community at the developer’s expense will cost 20-30% more than hiring a construction team on your own.

There is one more nuance – the company will build a standard house where nothing will differ from other buildings. To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to ask the representatives of the direct developer questions, check the documentation, the history of the construction of buildings, and customer reviews. Mistrust arises – it is better not to start cooperation.

How to find “your” home in Lawnz by Danube Properties: step-by-step actions

Buyers who want to become the owners of their land plot or house create the perfect picture for themselves even before buying. The Lawnz by Danube Properties should be located in a particular place, next to nature/lake/forest, surrounded by quiet neighbors, convenient logistics infrastructure. Everything looks different. Because of this, people are delaying the acquisition of real estate for a long time because they cannot find “their” ideal home.

To make the purchase a reality, experts advise you to adhere to a few simple rules:

  • Study of the real estate market for houses, including low-rise buildings.
  • Contacting specialists who understand the peculiarities of building a cottage.
  • Inspect the object and the area to have an idea of ​​prices, planning, infrastructure, and prospects for the area’s development.

Cottage villages are being built not in the center of Lawnz by Danube Properties but next to it. Developers build kindergartens, schools, shops, other facilities, and houses, creating a new micro-district. This is not a quick process, but a phased one, so you need to prepare that after settling in, not trees will be visible outside the window, but construction equipment and workers.

The price of a good house

A separate point is the cost of a cottage and a land plot in Krasnodar. It is imperative to understand from the very beginning that real estate here is not cheap because there is a constant demand for houses. If developers offer to become the owner of land or a place for ridiculous money, then you should be on your guard. On the other hand, to own a cottage or a plot for its construction in a city with access to the sea is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, before buying, you need to study the situation with the prices of houses in Krasnodar. There are several factors to consider:

  • area of ​​residence,
  • house area,
  • location,
  • land area,
  • repair or rough finishing,
  • communications,
  • adjoining territory,
  • landing at home,
  • layout,
  • materials used for foundations, walls, roofs, internal ceilings, and partitions,
  • insulation.

Some people need a ready-made turnkey house. That is, they bought it and can immediately move in and settle down. This option is convenient because you do not need to spend time and money on repairs. All the nuances of planning, placement of communications, landscaping of the territory are negotiated at the construction stage with representatives of the developer. Minus – you will have to shell out a considerable amount of money.

Some buyers prefer to independently engage in Lawnz by Danube Properties construction, laying communications, and internal repairs. It is cheaper but takes a long time. After all, it is necessary to hire a team of workers and personally control the entire construction process.

Another category of future owners prefers the purchase of built houses with rough interior decoration or cosmetic repairs.

Is it profitable to buy houses in cottage settlements in 2021?

The purchase or construction of a house in one of the cottages located within the boundaries of Lawnz by Danube Properties in 2021 continues to be in demand among potential investors. This housing option is most suitable for people who want to live close to nature, away from the noise of the metropolis and neighbors behind the wall. These are the obvious advantages of living in a cottage community, although there is one drawback – you need your car. In addition, it is inconvenient to get to work or study by public transport from outside the city.

Is it possible to reduce housing prices in 2021?

The cost of apartments and houses in Lawnz by Danube Properties primary and secondary real estate markets have changed over the past few months. Developers have raised prices, arguing that prices for reinforcement and other materials have risen. For example, the cost of wood has increased by 300%, and insulation by 350%. Following the rebar, prices for all building materials began to rise.

How to place a kitchen in a studio apartment

Studio apartments are at their peak. In new buildings, they are bought up first. The excitement is not accidental. The open plan opens up many exciting opportunities for the owner to create a stylish interior. In this article, we’ll look at how to place a kitchen in a studio apartment.

How to transfer a mortgage to another apartment

You bought a Lawnz by Danube Properties apartment with a mortgage, and now you want to change it to a more spacious and comfortable one. But you do not know where to start and how to do it because the loan has not been repaid yet. According to numerous requests from readers, the portal 23kvartiry will tell you how you can transfer a mortgage from one apartment to another.

How the pandemic and the fall in the dollar exchange rate affected

Over the past three quarters, there has been a noticeable increase in property prices. This is due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar. In addition, the coronavirus epidemic “froze” and changed many processes in the country. In this article, we will answer the questions regarding moving to Krasnodar for permanent residence, consider the situation, and find out what you should be prepared for.

One-room layout: comfortable zones without redevelopment

In most cases, Lawnz by Danube Properties does not require global costs if you do not resort to redevelopment. Therefore, the main thing is to think over your needs and choose one of the arrangement methods, which we will consider.

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