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Camel Trekking in the Desert-Dubai

Camel trekking Dubai is a fun ride over a single camel on an empty path, where you explore the fascinating culture of the UAE. Your journey will begin from one end of this country to the other. And always will take you along beautiful meadows, sandy beaches, mountainous areas, and endless terrains. Dubai promises to offer all such elements to travellers who wish to have a thrilling holiday.

Camel trekking in Dubai starts with an exciting desert expedition that takes you deep into the Thar Desert. The route covers the Al Hajar Mountains and the Satwa River which flow through Wadi Rum. You will pass through numerous Bedouin settlements before reaching the start of the Thar Desert. Here you will have the opportunity to view the magnificent dunes and villages. Camel Safari Dubai Safaris is organized regularly by local camel safari guides to preserve the traditional way of life in the desert region.

One of the most popular Camels riding tours to enjoy is the Desert exploration trip to Al-Equal. It takes two days to cover the distance of 4 kilometres from Al-Bakkah to the ancient site of Hubal. It starts from Al-Equal and covers the desert of Hubal, after which, you will move further towards the Thar Desert.

The other popular trekking tour in Dubai is the Desert Safari, which takes four days to cover the distance of 13 kilometres. This is the most extended camel trekking Dubai tour. Once you reach the site of Hubal, you will have the option to view the beautiful flower gardens of Hubal. You will also be able to see the wild animals that roam the desert. The tour starts at the southern tip of Dubai and finishes at Al Maktoum. This is a great place to experience nature, and you will feel amazed at how different the landscape looks from the Safa Desert to the Al Hajar Mountains.

If you want a day trip, then you should try Camel Safari, which is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Dubai. Camel Safari offers a guided camel ride through the desert. The tour takes you to the Tawakaloudeh wildlife reserve, where you can feed the camels and enjoy the view of the desert as well as the undulating sands of the Guggenheim Museum. If you have planned for a two-day trip, then you can hire a camel from Adventure in dubai a leading Camel Safari Company based in Dubai.

One of the major attractions of the Dubai landscape is the Al Boom Tourist Village. This village is on the banks of the Al Boom River and provides travellers with a chance to relax along the river, take a hot air balloon ride over the skies, or sit down for dinner on one of the many outdoor cafe tables. The village is served by three major water channels that send warm water to homes and guesthouses. The gardens and human-made constructions in the area are a testament to the taste of the rich and famous in Dubai.

Another adventure activity that you will enjoy during your Camel trekking Dubai trip is the Bedouin Camel Safari. The Bedouin tribe are nomadic tribes who live in the deserts of the Middle East, and they are the most experienced and skilled riders on camels, making Camel riding one of their prime activities in life. A journey on a Bedouin camel is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience because you will be able to see the lifestyle of the Bedouins, as well as their daily lives while riding on their camels through the desert on the banks of the Euphrates River.

Camel trekking in Dubai offers you everything that you will need to make your desert safari tour a memorable one. You will enjoy the luxury of top quality meals, which are freshly prepared by the chefs of these tour operator companies, at your disposal during your desert safari tour. You will also get to participate in different adventure sports like trekking and climbing on the dunes. Dubai has many national parks and sanctuaries, where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. You will be allowed to go bird watching or participate in an eco-tourism event.

Camel trekking is one of the most popular camel trekking tours in Dubai. This excursion allows tourists to walk in the dessert-soft sands along with their Camel. The desert environment provides tourists with a perfect picture-perfect setting for camel trekking. Camel trekking in Dubai starts from Al Maktoum Beach and ends at Al Hamid.

Camel trekking in Dubai is considered as an ultimate adventure activity for adventure lovers. The best time to go on camel trekking in Dubai is between May and August. This is the optimal season for camels as the weather in Dubai during this time is perfect for trekking in the desert. Camel trekking in Dubai starts from Al Hajar Mountains and goes up towards the desert. Camel trekking in Dubai is one of the best ways to explore the desert and get a feel of the Arabian Desert.

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