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Can I play with my phone while charging? I’ll help you

Playing mobile games is one of the indispensable leisure activities that many friends use to relax every day. I also spend a lot of time playing games every day. Nowadays, the screen of mobile phones is gradually being refined. In order to pursue a smoother experience, “Don’t play while charging, many friends like to set the frame rate higher, and the power consumption has also doubled. Is it possible to charge, or should I play games? Today I will give you a brief talk based on my own experience.

Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro (8GB/256GB/full Netcom/5G version)

I am a mobile phone moba game enthusiast, and I usually play with the charger in order not to “pit my teammates”. Just yesterday when I was in a gang with my friend, the phone suddenly popped up a low battery warning, so I quickly connected to the charger. But not long after it was charged, the back of the phone was as hot as a small stove, and the screen gradually became a bit lagging. Thinking of the previous news that “charging caused the phone to explode while playing with the phone”, I quickly unplugged the charging cable, but after playing for long, the screen went black. It’s over, it’s turned off directly, this time the teammates can be miserable.

Many friends estimate that after the above scenes, the power of the mobile phone is about to bottom out, but playing with the mobile phone while charging will get hot and even the frame rate will be greatly reduced. Relatives and friends at home will often persuade you to say: “Don’t play while charging, it will drain the battery life!” Or “Don’t play if your phone is hot, what should I do if it explodes!” and so on. In fact, with the advancement of mobile phone technology, such a serious accident would not happen long ago. As for why, let me explain it to you.

Battery powered

First of all, when the mobile phone is charging, the charging voltage applied to both ends of the battery is higher than the terminal voltage of the battery, and the battery will not discharge. To put it simply, in most cases, the operation of various parts of the mobile phone is basically powered by the charger, and the battery only runs in the circuit, which basically has no effect on the battery life. (Most situations here refer to when the power supply is sufficient)

I believe that if you see the above conclusion, some friends will ask, the phone will indeed get hot when charging, and it will be even hotter while charging. Does this have no effect on the lifespan of the phone? I do not believe. It is true that the phone will get hot when charging, but that is normal, because there will be an energy conversion rate during the charging of the phone, and the part of the energy lost becomes heat, causing the temperature of the phone to rise , If the heat dissipation is not good, it will be hot. If you play some large games at this time, it will lead to “hot and hot”, and it will indeed lead to the loss of battery life, because for mobile phone lithium batteries, high temperature is the culprit that damages battery life .

The discharge voltage of the battery at various temperatures

We usually measure the battery life of a mobile phone based on the number of charging and discharging cycles. Nowadays, the number of charging and discharging cycles of a mobile phone is generally about 350 to 500 times, which means that after you run out the battery and recharge it for about 350 to 500 times, the battery life of the mobile phone will gradually be depleted. But if you are playing while charging (and the charger has enough power to support the operation of the parts), the battery has not even gone through the process of charging and discharging, how can it be lost? If your phone does not overheat during the game, please continue to play with confidence and will not cause abnormal battery loss. Don’t Miss Currys nhs promo code Currys discount code

Now that we have made it clear that the main factor that affects the battery life of a mobile phone is high temperature, is there any way to reduce the hotness of the mobile phone? I have tried many methods, such as putting a wet towel next to it when playing, or just buying a small USB fan while playing around with the blower, or even buying a mobile phone radiator to attach it to the back of the fuselage. Although these methods can solve temporary needs, they cannot solve the problem from the root cause. Today I will recommend a gaming phone with super performance, the Black Shark Gaming Phone 4 Pro , with strong heat dissipation function, ensuring stress-free play while charging

Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro.

Let’s first talk about the heat dissipation performance of the Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro. The Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro is equipped with a new generation of sandwich liquid cooling system, which not only has sufficient heat dissipation materials and a technically professional temperature reduction layout, but also upgraded many temperature sensors to assist in heat dissipation adjustment. Because of this, when playing games with the Black Shark 4 Pro, you will find that at the general frame rate of the general picture quality, you basically do not feel the heat. Even if the game is played at the extreme frame rate of the long-term extreme picture quality, its temperature is very uniform throughout, and it is not easy to concentrate in a small area, causing hot hands.

Black Shark Gaming Phone 4 Pro and its exclusive cooling shell

The Black Shark Gaming Phone 4 Pro also has a good heat dissipation partner-the Black Shark Iced Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro, which can be directly clamped on the back of the fuselage when heat dissipation is required, without affecting the feel when playing games again. At the same time, it is also compatible with the exclusive heat dissipation shell to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. After testing, the surface temperature of the back clip can be reduced from 12°C to 0°C when it is turned on for about 2 minutes, giving users an “ice-sealed experience”.

After introducing the powerful heat dissipation performance of the Black Shark 4 Pro, let’s talk about the performance configuration and other aspects. The Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, LPDDR 5 high-speed memory + UFS 3.1 flagship flash memory. I believe everyone has heard that this mobile phone surpassed a series of flagship phones in the Android mobile phone performance list of Master Lu in the first half of 2021, and won the championship. This result is enough to show its powerful performance. . Shop now using

Mobile phone performance list in the first half of 2021 (source from Master Lu’s official website )

The Black Shark gaming phone 4 Pro is equipped with a 6.67 -inch FHD+AMOLED full screen. Due to the design of an ultra-small center-mounted digging hole, the screen-to-body ratio has been greatly improved. Maximum support 144Hz refresh rate (also compatible with 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz screen refresh rate) + 720Hz touch sampling rate (only 8.3ms), very suitable for smooth games

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