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Considering Outsourcing Customer Services? Ask These Questions First!

The growth of your business depends largely on the quality of services you offer to your customers – people who pay money for what you have to offer. Hence, it is absolutely critical that dedicate an adequate amount of your company resources towards customer services and satisfaction. Thankfully, Outsourcing Customer Services is the best way for you to offer excellent customer support while using the least resources necessary.

There are, however, some risks associated with outsourcing the customer support aspects of your business to a third-party vendor. Let’s face it! You are handing over your customers to a BPO company. Their quality of services would determine your company’s impression to your customer. It would also determine whether your customers would ever do business with you, or refer your company to others, or not! Hence, it is absolutely necessary to verify the BPO company before you outsource your customer support to them.

Important Questions You Must Ask the BPO Company Before You Hire Them

There are some important questions that you MUST have answered before you decide to employ a BPO company for your customer services. The chances are that a Top Business Process Outsourcing company will be able to give you satisfactory answers and make it easier for you to make a decision. This will help you to maintain industry-standard quality and offer satisfactory customer interactions while ensuring total compliance with industry regulations.

Here’s a list of some of these important questions that you must ask the BPO company.

  • Does the BPO company have a physical call center or remote customer support executives?

A BPO company with remote agents can give you the advantage of a culturally-diversified talent pool to cater to your customers worldwide. At the same time, it also helps you save plenty on resources as you do not have to bear the operational costs of a physical office. However, remote agents also offer a few challenges as you may not have a unified and connected team of executives. At the same time, managing remote agents can also throw up numerous challenges that may prove to be counterproductive.

This, however, can be easily solved by hiring a Top Business Process Outsourcing company with multiple locations around the world. Due to their presence in multiple countries, they are able to set up physical offices in these countries to cater to your local customer base.

  • Do you need a domestic or an International BPO company?

Outsourcing your customer services to a BPO company in India, or another country in Asia, instead of a United States call center can save you massively. However, you must also consider the specific needs of your customers when making this decision. Will an international BPO company be able to cater to the specific needs of your customers? Or would it be better to have a contact center in the US?

Alternatively, you could also opt for a top international BPO company in India for the job! These companies have the industry-standard resources to deliver top-quality customer support which is indistinguishable from the services offered by US call centers. This will help you reduce the expenses of your customer services without compromising the quality.

  • Does the location of the BPO company matter?

A number of countries around the world are involved in the business process outsourcing industry. The most common among these include India, the Philippines, Central America, Mexico, Africa, among a few others. While operational costs and the quality of services would most definitely vary in these countries, you must determine which would be ideal for your business. At the same time, you must also consider the cultural diversity of your customers when opting for the BPO company.

Ideally, a Top Business Process Outsourcing company with multiple locations would solve your problem. Due to their global operations, they will be able to cater to your customers all over the world, while also maintaining a universal standard in the quality of services offered.

  • Do you need dedicated agents?

Depending on the scale of your business, services, and customer base, you must decide whether you need dedicated agents or will be shared agents suffice. If your customers are few and require minimal support, you might want to consider hiring shared agents for the job as it will save you a ton of money. However, shared agents will not be able to familiarize or fully identify with your business model as they have to deal with the customer services of others companies with varying business models. This could also impact the quality of customer services.

At the same time, Outsourcing Customer Services to shared agents means that you cannot (more like “MUST NOT”) hand over critical customer support responsibilities. This will protect you from security breaches and ensure complete data protection for your customers. However, if your customer support requirements are huge, hiring dedicated agents would be the ideal solution as it is highly advantageous for your business, your customers, and the BPO company.

In order to employ the best BPO company for your customer support, you must clearly define your needs and the kind of services you are looking to hire from the BPO company. This clarity will help you ask the right questions to yourself, as well as the BPO company you hire before you make a decision.

Important Reasons to Consider Top Business Process Outsourcing Companies

Why should you consider employing a BPO company instead of hiring in-house executives to cater to your customer services? There are numerous advantages to outsourcing the customer support functions of your business to a specialist customer service agency. While the most beneficial among them is the financial savings that you can make on your operational expenses, the most important is the improvement in the quality levels of customer support offered to customers.

Add to that the availability of plenty of free resources, and the services of Top Business Process Outsourcing companies become almost indispensable. Outsourcing to a BPO company also leaves you with lesser responsibilities, leaving you with more time to dedicate to the more important aspects of your business. This will also help you to improve the quality of products and services offerings, while the BPO does the work to improve the quality of customer services. Together, you can work on ensuring total customer satisfaction, thereby improving customer retention.

What’s more? You can actually save big by outsourcing your customer services to a United States call center. Hence, you are actually driving your operational costs down significantly, while simultaneously driving up services, revenues, and profits.

Should You Employ A BPO Company?

The answer to this question will depend entirely on the size of your business and customer base, the ability and desire to scale your business, the customer service needs of your business, and your operational budgets. Just because a Top Business Process Outsourcing can help you with customer support does not necessarily mean that you should absolutely hire them. Clearly define your goals and determine how the services of the BPO company can help you progress towards achieving those goals.

Before you put pen to paper, consider all aspects of outsourcing to a third-party vendor. Ask the necessary questions to the potential vendor and yourself as well. Once you have a satisfactory answer all around, only then should you make a carefully-calculated decision.

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