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Content Marketing and SEO: How to Create Quality Content

Content Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization can only achieve results if the content for a website is created taking into account the interests and needs of Internet users, helping to solve pressing problems and find answers to pressing questions. In 2021, high-quality web content is even more in demand, because it can improve the visibility of the site and attract significant traffic for numerous low and midrange requests.

Understand what users need

When formulating a strategy for the promotion and promotion of a site, one must always remember about the end consumers of goods and services. Of course, a commercial web resource is designed to increase sales and generate profits. But to achieve this goal, you need to constantly think about those for whom you work.

To understand the behavioral features, interests and needs of your target Internet audience, use all the possibilities of web content to establish interaction with potential customers and customers:

Regularly analyze traffic from organic search results, contextual advertising and social media resources to identify trends and behavior patterns of visitors (entry and exit pages, popular sections and directories, internal referrals, demographic data and geography of visitors).
Examine the results of Yandex and Google on competing sites to find new keywords and advertising phrases.
Identify competitor strategies to understand what content is presented to your audience on the top page.
Determine the expectations and needs of Internet users regarding your brand (product, company, etc.).
Based on retrospective analysis, identify the main trends and form behavior patterns for each individual segment of the target audience.

Optimizing for users

Keep in mind that good content is created based on the interests of the target audience. It is characterized by high value and semantic uniqueness. Focusing on quality content can attract even more potential customers who need useful and relevant information on a given topic. At the same time, thematic content is the most important criterion for better website ranking.

Consider the informational and educational role of publications to attract visitors and retain their attention.
To increase the credibility and authority of your content, add links from trusted sites of similar topics.
Work on the content and don’t forget about the key phrases by which visitors will find your site.
Make your content more “human”, that is, understandable for your audience.
When creating unique content, consider your brand presentation as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

Research different types of content to identify the most effective ways to interact with your audience.
Make page content more informative and mobile-friendly for better access to content from tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.

Search engine optimization

To achieve the most efficiency, find a balance between the interests of your users and the wishes of search engines (Yandex, Google, etc.). Good media content (texts, graphics, videos, etc.) attracts the attention of visitors and meets the current requirements of search engines. Internal optimization will help establish links between information on the site and the actual requests of users. Apply only “white methods” of optimization: Yandex and Google are fighting for the quality of the issue and quickly identify the over-optimization of web content:

Create a tag cloud that reveals the subject of the resource and contains the main queries.
Add key phrases to meta tags, page URLs, headings, subheadings, and body copy.
Optimize content for local SEO needs (additional pages with relevant information on in-demand products and popular services).

Create a web sitemap (a special XML Sitemap) to help Yandex and Google index new web pages quickly.
For SEO audit, use professional software (Site-Auditor, Xenu, Netpeak Spider, CS Yazzle, Website Auditor).
Check the external link mass regularly to detect broken links in time.
Interact with electronic media on a commercial (paid) basis to improve the visibility of a web resource in search results (news, press releases, articles).

Analyzing statistics and improving content

Data from Yandex. Metrica and other analytical systems will help identify obstacles that site visitors often encounter, as well as open up new opportunities for improving usability and increasing conversion of web resources. A qualitative analysis of statistical data will allow us to understand the motives of behavior and the needs of users. Having understood the peculiarities of the interaction of site visitors with user-generated content, Internet marketers will be able to achieve better conversion of web resources:

Examine reports to identify patterns of interaction with content and determine the interests of Internet users.
Use built-in tools to analyze inbound traffic and user actions.
Set specific goals in Google Analytics and Yandex-Metrics to track the impact of content on sales and conversion of a web resource.
Analyze the movement of users around the site using a pathmap (heatmap of clicks, scrolling, internal links).
Check Yandex. Webmaster and Google Webmaster Tools regularly to detect and fix errors in time.


The list of activities within the framework of integrated content marketing and search engine SEO will allow you to form an effective strategy for promoting a corporate website. Continuous work on the content level will ensure an effective interaction between your brand and your target audience.

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