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Cooling Tower Rental: Should You Rent or Purchase a Cooling Tower?

Did you know the first cooling tower was patented in 1918? Since then, cooling towers have evolved and have gone on to provide various industries with what they need to function at their best.If you have a business that relies on cooling towers, one of the concerns you may have is whether to purchase or rent them. There are reasons to consider both options, but for most businesses, a cooling tower rental is the right choice. Let us look at what a cooling tower is and why you should rent one.

What Is a Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger that brings water and air together to reduce the water’s temperature. As water and air meet, a small amount of water evaporates, helping to reduce the overall temperature of the water circulating through the cooling tower.

For a cooling tower to work, the heated water has to be pumped to the tower through pipes. A nozzle sprays the water onto what is called “fill” and this slows the water’s flow through the cooling tower, exposing as much water as possible to air at one time.

A cooling tower is an essential piece of equipment for many industries and they can offer the kind of comfort cooling that large commercial buildings like hotels, hospitals, schools, and airports. Because of the many industries it can be used for, there are various types of cooling towers to choose from.

Cooling Tower Rental Benefits

For many business owners, the rental of a cooling tower is the right choice. Let us look at some of the reasons why you should rent instead of buying the cooling tower you need.

Professional Installation

When deciding on whether to purchase or rent cooling tower options for your business, you want to think about the installation process. If you decide to buy the cooling tower, the installation will fall to you and you may not have the experience necessary to do this in an efficient or safe manner.

When you rent a cooling tower, you will have professionals providing the installation services and ensuring that you have all of the necessary parts to get the tower up and running as quickly as possible. You will also have the assurance that the tower has been installed correctly and that it will function at its best.

A professional installation will also speed the process up, letting you get back to work.

No Productivity Lag

If you have a cooling tower rental and it stops working as it should, you can call technicians to come repair or replace the unit. That is not the case if you buy the cooling tower. If you own it, you will have to find technicians who are specialized in this and that means wasted time and lost revenue.

To ensure that your business’s productivity is not compromised, renting a cooling tower is the best choice. Most rental companies offer emergency repairs to get the tower running once again as soon as possible.

Proper Maintenance

Another piece of advice about cooling tower rental options is that a rental can guarantee the tower is maintained correctly. A team of professionals will perform regular maintenance checks to make certain the unit is working at its best and that it can last. That is not something you would have access to if you buy the cooling tower.

When you purchase the unit, you will be responsible for maintenance. Unless you have a lot of experience working with cooling towers, you may not have the knowledge or the time to do these properly. In the long run, you will put the unit at risk of malfunctioning and you will not be able to catch warnings that tell you the cooling tower needs maintenance.


Renting a cooling tower is a better economic decision than purchasing one. For one thing, you may not know exactly the kind of tower you need so you can end up purchasing the wrong type of cooling tower. The wrong option might not allow for the efficiency you need, expending more energy than it should or hiking up overall production costs.

Renting a cooling tower will save you money because you will get the best and most efficient option for your business and because you do not have to worry about maintenance and service fees. Rental companies offer coverage of all of the maintenance needs you may have.

For businesses that require a cooling tower through select times of the year, buying one means having a unit that might sit unused for months. When you rent a tower, you can decide how long you need it and not pay any extra time over that. As your needs change, you can modify your arrangements with the rental company for maximum convenience.

Proper Use

When you rent a cooling tower, you will have professionals guiding you through the process of using it. This will allow you to use it in the most efficient manner and without running the risk of damaging it.

If you buy the unit, you will not get this kind of guidance and that means you may perhaps not use the cooling tower as you need to.

Rent the Cooling Tower You Need

By turning to cooling tower rental options, you can get the equipment your business needs and you can do so while maximizing your convenience, saving yourself money, and ensuring safety. Instead of investing a substantial amount of money by purchasing a unit you may not need the entire year or one that may not be right for your needs, you can turn to professionals to help you rent the right unit.

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