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Different Varieties Of Indian Jewellery Worn By People

Ornaments are in the heart of every woman and there would not be any women who do not like to wear jewellery. Jewellery is a set of adornment worn by women on their body and their variety varies from type to type. It ranges from traditional jewelry to fashion jewelry to modern jewelry to ethnic jewellery. Women wear it in accordance with their preference. Considering the cultural diversity in a country like India, there is wide range of jewellery designers in the country and their designs are based on the preferences of women in different parts of the country. Jewellery market in India is considered to be such a market that hardly sees a downfall because this is something that is more of a need than a luxury. Significance of jewellery can also be seen in big events of the country.

Giving away pieces of jewellery to a daughter by her parents in her wedding is considered to be most auspicious. There is an exchange of rings which marks the sign of engagement of two persons. Considering the price of jewels sky-rocketing in recent times the preference of people has now switched to buying artificial jewellery. Real jewels will burn a major hole in the pocket and the person of a middle class category may not enjoy the variety of having different pieces for different occasions. The quality of artificial jewellery is such that it is very long lasting and the quality is supreme. People can go for buying jewellery from a local store or can also do Indian artificial jewellery online shopping. Jewellery enhances the personality of a person despit the gender. In today’s world men are also fond on wearing different kinds of jewellery such as bracelets, rings, chains etc. The different varieties of jewellery that one can buy online or from a local store can be explained as follows: –

  • Necklaces, a piece of jewellery for neck: – Neckpieces or necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewellery worn by women on their neck. It ranges from heavy pieces to sleek range depending on the need of the individual. Some women like to wear intricate pieces while others go for heavy chokers.
  • Rings, a piece of jewellery for fingers: – Rings are a small circular band which is worn on the fingers. It enhances the beauty of the hand. Some like it plain while the others like it to be stone studded.
  • Nose pin/ Nose ring, for nose: – In ancient India it was a popular tradition among women to get both sides of their nose pierced. It is a piece of jewellery which is worn on nose.
  • Bangles, a piece of jewellery for wrist: – It is worn by women or men on their wrists. 

There are also other kinds of jewellery such as wristband, waist band, armlet etc. There are a wide variety of jewellery available on online stores. So people can do Artificial jewellery sets online shopping in accordance with their needs.

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