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Did COVID-19 affect you and life? Yes, of course, it did. Consequently, the pandemic brought some major changes, flipping all businesses and organizations into digital. Every other SMB went online and on the web. As a result, the online presence of a business or organization has become indispensable to succeed.


By the time, the concept of classrooms has drastically shifted to other means. Today’s classrooms are not the same, they are virtual, call it online classes or Google Classroom. It is no longer the same old brick-and-mortar system. Education and technology have collaborated to give a new look to education, called EdTech.

EdTech, short for Education Technology, involvement of technology in education. EdTech brings the use of technology into education to facilitate learning and offer more exposure. Learning has become more effective with the implementation of IT tools. Furthermore, the implementation of cloud-based education and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) opened doors of education to students all over the world. EdTech includes e-learning, information and communication technology (ICT), technology-enhanced learning (TEL), computer-based instructions (ICT) and many other technological learning environments.

The time has gone when students had pen and paper on the desk. EdTech has made the norm to use technology and its inventions to improve education. The purpose was to make online classes and learning more interactive. The goal of EdTech is simple, to eliminate grade inflation and let students learn at the pace they can handle.

EdTech Is the Future

EdTech is on the verge to facilitate students to learn and improve performance by creating, using, managing suitable technological resources. The skyrocketing market of EdTech reached $74.64 billion in 2019 and is set to go far beyond. With such a pace, the EdTech market size will witness an annual growth rate of 19.9% in the coming years, $318 billion worth by 2027. Indeed, EdTech is the future.

EdTech did not grow alone, it offered massive opportunities for other educational businesses such as online class help providers, online tutoring, etc. to grow. Online class takers rescue students distressing over online classes. Additionally, online class help services have become a big business in recent times.

9 Benefits of EdTech

Read out what are the benefits of EdTech for understand of EdTech and its concerns. What advantages does EdTech offer to students and teachers? Find out below:

  1. EdTech Helping Students with Online Classes

EdTech offers students to learn and develop new skills by availing themselves of free online classes of different courses. The pandemic demonstrated the harsh reality of possessing only one skill. It is now imperative to have more skills to be successful in this world and life. Being that, EdTech promotes the thought and enables students to learn and collaborate in new avenues.

  1. EdTech Serving Teachers in Online Classes

EdTech benefits students as well as teachers in online classes. Education becomes fun for educators and educational institutes with EdTech. EdTech smooths the teaching process for teachers as it was difficult to teach in online classes. It became quite hectic for them to follow the curriculum and keep the class engaged in their work at the same time. The hardware and software solutions by EdTech lead to the healthier outcome for the teachers as well.

  1. Easy Access to Education and More Learning Resources

Internet is accessible by everyone and everywhere. EdTech has made it easier for students to have full and easy access to education and more learning resources. A tap is required to access the digital classroom regardless of the location of the student. Education technology has made students proficient with using search engines, forums, online learning platforms, and DIY videos.

  1. EdTech Offers More Immersive Education and Learning

In the first place, lectures were given in educational institutes. Students used to hear those lectures and write them down in their notebooks. EdTech has flipped the system by offering tools such as videos, learning applications, and Virtual Reality (VR). Education Technology provides interactive and immersive experiences to make the understanding of students much better!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is implemented to give more exposure to students of the field like engineering, medical, and geography. The technology lets students experience objects and places that are out of reach. Ultimately, AR and VR offer a more classy experience to students of digital learning.

  1. Personalized Learning for Each and Every Student

The traditional education system had teachers for a particular course, teaching many students with different mindsets. On the contrary, EdTech offers opportunities for students to learn courses and skills based on their interests.

EdTech platforms gather students’ information and suggest compatible courses. Enabling digital learners to move at their desired pace and avoid getting bored of the courses that disinterest them.

  1. Increases Collaboration – Online Classes Become More Effective

The purpose of technology is to make life easy. Started with connecting people through social platforms such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Technological implementation in education gave the same outcome. It increased the collaboration among peers and professionals. With could-based learning apps, students connect to others all over the world. For instance, EdTech offers students to collaborate and discuss their problems and solutions related to assignments or projects. Group assignments and projects have become less hectic, the pleasure goes to EdTech tools. As a result, online classes become more effective and interacting.

  1. EdTech Promotes Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy has become essential to survive and be successful in today’s and upcoming times. Having information on digital platforms, social media, mobile devices, and other digital technologies develops Digital Literacy.

At the present time, digital technologies have taken over our lives, our eyes open to mobile phones and we sleep with the help of integrated isotonic sound technology. EdTech does not only offers students a variety of courses but also provides an understanding of the technological revolution happening around them.

  1. EdTech Automated the Grading Process for Teachers

Before EdTech, teachers had to evaluate every assignment, test, or quiz student by student. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerated the process of grading. AI is implemented to develop tools that analyze assignments based on their requirements. Moreover, teachers prepare forms for objective assessments where they have to feed the answers once, and later the grading is done automatically on behalf of the data.

  1. EdTech Made Education Cost-Effective for Everyone!

Papers and printing are no more in trend, it is considered old school. With everything going digital, all the documents, assignments, homework are submitted digitally on the portal. Thanks to EdTech for not wasting our precious time at the copy machine. Hence, eliminating the budget for printing and papers from the head of educational institutions.

EdTech has made education cost-effective for everyone. To clarify, I mean students, teachers, staff, administration, and every other person involved with an educational institute. Education Technology has reduced the cost of teacher labor as well as education without compromising quality.

All in all, EdTech provides many opportunities to students and sets youth for success with the implementation of technology. Education Technology puts the impact of the technological revolution in education to its right use. Besides, EdTech is evolving with new tools emerging for students to have a better grasp on their education. The promotion of digital literacy makes the educational system meet the reality of the current digital world. In addition, EdTech promotes platforms of online exam takers to help students by applying AI to provide 24/7 assistance to students with their problems.

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