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Emerging reasons that make tiered loyalty programs a bit more attractive

Tiered customer loyalty programs are customer incentive methods that assist companies in motivating their customers to engage with all elements of the program in order to foster brand loyalty.

At their most basic, cashback loyalty program software provides rewards depending on the amount of money spent or the frequency of purchases. By offering progressively more alluring benefits, such as spending, brand involvement, or a mix of the two, a tiered loyalty program goes one step further. Tiered loyalty programs are widely used by businesses that want to engage their customers by rewarding their brand loyalty.

Tiered Loyalty Program

To reward loyalty and boost sales, a tiered structure offers greater rewards to individuals at the top of the tier. Tiering is effective at boosting customer involvement and engagement. Tiers encourage users to move up the levels in order to get the highest rankings and win the best rewards.

Members of loyalty programs can earn points for a variety of actions they do and purchases they make. Customers can earn points for actions other than buying your stuff, and you can choose what actions will do so beforehand. The world’s best brand communities leverage the effectiveness of VIP tiers to boost consumer loyalty. 

Tiers are a fantastic way to gamify your rewards program and make it special while increasing consumer engagement. Customers begin to advance through the tiers of your loyalty program by accumulating more points.

How do you create a tiered loyalty program that works fantastically?

Increasing customer engagement is a loyalty program’s primary goal. Customers are more inclined to buy from you if they interact with your brand more frequently. It’s vital to highlight that many loyalty programs lack engagement with customers and are unproductive because they just focus on rewarding customers.

Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, and Sephora are a few of the most well-known businesses that have achieved success through tier-based loyalty programs.

A loyalty program’s main objectives include maximizing customer retention and lifetime value, engaging with customers to keep them coming back, increasing market share, forging stronger bonds with customers, and achieving desired business results.

Inbuilt functionalities that help you volumize your tiered loyalty program

Include a simple registration process

A client should be able to join up for your cashback loyalty program software in around five minutes or less- without the need for extensive registration forms or continuing commitments – and should be able to earn points in a matter of seconds.

Employ simple rewards

Make sure customers are aware of the benefits of each grade. Make sure clients can quickly access their rewards and that you are clear about what they will receive from them. To make a purchase, customers must be able to understand the worth of each tier.

Deliver quality at all stages

The fact that no one misses out on rewards is one of the best features of tiered loyalty programs. A good tier-based loyalty program must offer value at every level. Consider an airline’s loyalty program, where a bronze client may be entitled to free food and drink. Priority boarding and free luggage allowance may be offered to silver customers. Access to a lounge, early boarding, two checked bags, and first-class seating may be provided to gold members.

Use appropriate rewards

Extras that come with the purchase are relevant or memorable benefits. The goal is to surpass the client’s expectations and give them a distinctive customer experience. Simply providing discounts for products that your loyal customers are likely to purchase anyhow is insufficient. If you incorporate experiences into your loyalty rewards program, it will be more distinctive.

Gamification coupled with rewards

You may increase engagement in your tiered loyalty programs by gamifying them. Gamification is the process of adding enjoyable, game-like elements to loyalty programs’ user interfaces. It’s strategies include earning points, getting arbitrary bonuses or prizes, unlocking unexpected gifts, and lottery-style methods where anyone can win provided they make a transaction within a certain time frame. Gamification engages your customers and distinguishes you from competitive businesses vying for their attention.

Offer rewards on specific customer actions

Rewarding consumers who don’t make purchases is another way to demonstrate your commitment to customer retention beyond straightforward transactions. Customers who follow your business on social media, subscribe to your blog, use your mobile app, see product videos, and contribute material on those platforms are still useful engagement metrics. Pay them back for it.

Tailor rewards that are easy to earn

Your clients will respond better to offers that are more pertinent to them. The bigger the favorable effect on customer behavior, the quicker you award loyalty points or incentives after a transaction. This ought to happen instantly. Your brand runs the danger of completely losing that customer by delaying satisfaction.

If your clients are constantly inundated with pointless communications, they might stop wanting to hear from your brand.

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The attractive benefits that aid more power to a tiered loyalty program

Gaining points is joyful with gamification

Intriguing incentive program features like gamification raise the bar for your brand community. Tiered reward programs become the ideal technique to hook and keep customers by utilizing addicting aspects like progress bars and milestones.

Your program becomes socialized with tiers

A further fantastic advantage of tiers in your program is how socially engaged your entire brand community becomes. You are enabling clients to gain social status by having a higher rank by adding tiers. This gives your program an additional degree of motivation. They are after that increase in social status as well as the extra benefits supplied at each level. Science has shown that it’s natural for humans to want to know where they stand relative to others, and this desire is what fuels our drive to reach new tiers.

Exclusiveness helps each customer feel cherished

How special a tiered program makes your most valuable customers feel is one of its best features! You can demonstrate to your higher-tiered clients that you respect their business by offering richer rewards than you would for a one-time shopper. Basically, This improves the relationship with the brand and raises their chance of praising it. Also, these champions are your most valuable marketing resource; they are enthusiastic members of your community who are eager to share their knowledge with others.

Offer the best benefits only to deserving clients

By implementing a tiered program, you can be confident that the best prizes are only given to the participants who in turn add the most value to your brand community. This value may come from visitor’s spending money on your website or from sharing activities that bring in new clients.

Enduring investment

Tiered programs create the foundation for sustained consumer-brand relationships. Because they recognize the advantages of sticking with your brand, customers typically return. This indicates that businesses will generate greater income over time by implementing tiered loyalty programs.

Tiers promote Individuality

Numerous cashback loyalty program software indulges with tiered loyalty programs permit free membership. Everyone is welcome to engage, and the brand has the opportunity to collect insightful participant information. But a barrier to the next level ensures that only the most loyal customers reach there and gain elite status and benefits.

Emotional hooking up with rewards

Experiential benefits establish an emotional bond above and beyond what transactional rewards (such as points for money spent) may offer. The experiences available to members who receive experiential incentives are exclusive to the brand and cannot be found elsewhere. Undoubtedly, the brand experience completely engrosses the customer, strengthening the relationship between them and the business.

Cutting costs

Who else doesn’t love to run a business by attracting more customers that too by simply making a huge amount of cost savings? For a business of any specific size, keeping happy consumers is more cost-effective than constantly losing clients and obtaining new ones. Research shows that acquiring a new customer is 5–25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one, and hence the cutting cost is now considered as a booming benefit of building a cashback loyalty program software.


The best Tiered Loyalty Programs offers are those that are tailored and focused. By personalizing a customer’s experience based on their past purchases and other data, you can increase engagement and conversions. Also, One of the finest methods to convert current consumers into ardent brand advocates is through loyalty programs. Making sure customers always feel valued and appreciated is the greatest approach to doing this. The behavior of your clients in regard to your program must therefore be closely monitored.

Also, Businesses should listen and respond to customer queries appropriately. Make your software clear, simple to use, and accessible. Make sure your clients are aware of how it operates when they can collect points, and how the rewards will be utilized. Therefore, whenever you want to give your company a result-driven loyalty program, get in touch with Novus Loyalty, the company that creates the best cashback loyalty program software. An End-to-End Loyalty Platform for Small Businesses to Enterprises. Taking advantage of API centric loyalty platform, thousands of businesses from start-ups to enterprises rely on Novus Loyalty

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