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Enjoy Desert Safari in Dubai With Your Friends In cheap Price

Desert safaris in Dubai are an unforgettable experience that offers visitors to the emirate a chance to go camping in the desert. Not only is it adventurous and a bit mind blowing, it’s also very well taken care of. Mouth watering BBQ Dinner with non-vegetarian optional dishes and cool chilled drinks are served on your desert safari in Dubai. An exciting travel experience at Dubai’s desert is just a click away with many activities easily accessible. Take a look at the desert safari in Dubai before you decide on what to do there.

Desert Safari in dubai:

There are many deserts across the globe from Africa to Australia, each one offering a different take on the perfect desert safari Dubai. The hot air and low humidity of the UAE (Unite Arab Emirates) makes the perfect location for desert safari tours to the UAE. UAE is composed of seven zones namely the Emirates, Jumeirah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE. Each zone has its own unique attractions and activities that are ideal for a desert safari tours in the UAE.

Compliments in Dubai Desert Safari:

On your desert safari in the UAE you can include a visit to Satwa. Located in the Satwa Mountains, Satwa forms part of the heritage and culture of UAE. Amongst the things you can do in Satwa are sightseeing, desert safari, camels ride and a lot more. The town of Satwa is known for its desert safaris in which tourists can enjoy a camel ride down the rocky mountain terrain. Camel riding is one the fastest and oldest ways of transport in the world.

Best Dubai Desert Safari:

You can also experience the best desert safari tours in the UAE through a visit to the desert of Al Dune. This dune is located in the Sharjah area of the UAE and is an absolutely unique desert. This place is also home to many tribes and is famous for its dune bashing. The Sharjah region is also home to the world’s only five-star hotel; the worlds only four star hotel and world’s only seven star hotel; in addition it is a very popular tourist destination.

Enjoy Five Star Hotels while Desert Safari dubai:

Enjoy desert safari in the UAE with a Sharjah hotel as you enjoy desert safari tours in the Sharjah city tour. The beautiful Sharjah city will take you through rich cultures and traditions of the UAE. In Sharjah you can visit the Sharjah National Museum where you can view some fine art collections and find several works of local artists. This museum also houses the offices of leading banks and other financial institutions. Besides the museum you can also enjoy desert safari on camels in the desert of Sharjah.

Another attraction of desert safari in Sharjah is the Al Dafra National Reserve. The reserve is famous for its wild life and offers you the best desert safari deals in Sharjah. You can see four species of wild elephants, lions, leopards, wild dogs, wild cats, gazelles and even the rare antelopes. The parks of Sharjah also hold a number of bird species including the Arabian Foursake, the Lesser Jacana, Lesser Smokey Bee-eater and the Black Skunk. You can see a variety of birds in different seasons and see them land on trees and bush as they feed in the morning.

If you are looking for a fun-filled desert safari then the Sharjah belly dance festival is the thing for you. This is held at the Sharjah Grand Prix Course and is considered to be the largest belly dance event in the world. The race is for both men and women and hundreds of people come to watch two professional belly dancers and four amateur dancers. It is held throughout the month of March and you can visit the venue as often as you want.

You can spend a great desert safari at the UAE’s only 4×4 park, the Abu Dhabi safaris. It is located in the UAE capital city of Dubai and is open for visitors all year round. The park has four sand dunes which have hills and mountains in the middle. These hills are perfect for four-wheel driving and you can even drive right up to the entrance of the park. This is the ultimate place to go for a desert safari and the experience is truly unique. The park also has a water feature that will turn the morning desert safari into an exciting experience.

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