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Get Ready to Crush Your 2022 Goals with a Kava Drink

The new year is fast approaching and many of us are wondering where 2021 went. It’s been a weird year. As it comes to a close, you may be looking back on what you accomplished and what you still need to work on. You’re probably also starting to think about what you want to accomplish in 2022—your hopes, dreams, and goals for the new year. As you consider what you want to get out of 2022, there’s one very specific thing you should think about incorporating into the journey toward accomplishing your goals. That thing? Kava. It may sound odd, but a kava drink can be a reliable companion in crushing your goals and as you work on the “new year, new you.” Consider the following.

Find Your Focus in Fitness with a Kava Drink

Getting fit is among the most common goals people set going into the new year. It always makes the top five resolutions. But this isn’t about resolutions—people don’t keep those anyway. This is about your genuine fitness goals with actionable steps and accountability (both of which you should definitely have no matter the goal!) So, where does a kava drink come in?

Kava is a plant cultivated primarily in the tropics of the South Pacific. You’ll find it on dozens of islands from Fiji to Hawaii. Kava is commonly brewed as a tea, but it’s easy to find it in ready-made drinks and shots. Here’s why it’s a big deal when it comes to fitness goals. When you enjoy kava, you’ll notice a boost in focus. Whether you’re hopping on the treadmill or swimming laps at the pool, when you stay focused, you’re able to accomplish more.

You can apply this focus to just about any activity. Imagine getting more complete workouts when you don’t feel distracted, and you have the mental energy to stick with the task at hand. Whether your goal is to get in shape for a specific event, or you’re working out to hit a certain weight, kava can help you find the focus you need to get in the groove. And honestly, getting in the groove is often the biggest hurdle in working toward a goal.

Revitalize Your Work/Life Balance

Over the past couple of years office environments changes and more people worked from home. The dynamic of work/life balance has shifted. For some people working at home, the lines may have blurred. You may feel there is less distinction between when you’re in work mode and when you’re in life mode. Then there are situations where “work you” is simply unable to wind down after work hours regardless of whether or not you work from home, at the office, or elsewhere.

Going into 2022, more people want to rediscover their work/life balance (or experience for the first time). You’re wondering how kava fits into this. Well, here’s the answer: kava can serve as an exceptional way to wind down and change your perspective. What does that mean exactly? When you enjoy a kava drink, there are compounds in kava that interact with your brain. These compounds—kavalactones—can help you feel calmer, relaxed, and even lead to feelings of euphoria.

When you look up kava online, you’ll notice it’s often referred to as a euphoric drink. It’s an apt name, that’s for sure. It’s a safe and legal way to adjust your state of mind. It isn’t addictive and it doesn’t come with any side effects. The exact effects differ from person to person, but over the course of a few hours, you’ll enjoy positive feelings which makes a kava drink a great go-to as you restore the balance of work and life. After work, simply enjoy kava and let it help bring you into a new frame of mind. You can even use kava as a symbolic indicator that you’re shifting modes and putting the workday behind you.

A Kava Drink Helps You Say Goodbye to Old, Bad Habits

One of the most basic, yet profound goals is eliminating bad habits and forming new, positive habits in their place. Take drinking alcohol, for example. It’s often called a “bad habit,” though that’s a very generalized way of putting it. Many people enjoy alcohol socially and in moderation. Some can go overboard. Hard drinks come with a list of downsides, like headaches and hangovers, not to mention all the extra calories!

And yes, a kava drink can help in this case, too. The effects of kava aren’t that dissimilar from the effects of alcohol—the positive effects, that is. People tend to drink alcohol to feel good and as a way to improve their social interactions (by breaking down many social barriers). You can feel more engaged and sociable while drinking an alcohol-based drink. Guess what? You know where this is going—kava does many of these same things without the negative aftereffects.

In the new year, instead of reaching for or ordering your favorite hard beverage, reach for the kava. Do this every time you would ordinarily go for a hard beverage. Do it at home, while you’re out with friends, wherever. You may even start to notice a few more positive changes to your overall well-being! And the thing is, this applies to virtually any bad habit. Try kava instead and reap the rewards!

Say Hello to Positive, New Habits

Of course, using kava to replace an old, bad habit is one thing, what about forming other new habits? Yes, kava can help in there, too. A big part of it comes down to the effects of kava, including focus. One of the most important things you must do when forming new habits is to stay focused. Whether you want to get in the habit of reading every night (instead of watching TV or scrolling down social media), you want to learn a new language, or start a new hobby, kava can help put you on the right track.

Forming a positive, new habit is rarely easy. It requires focus, repetition, and consistency. If you want to start up a new hobby, you want to find your flow. Let’s say you want to start writing that novel you’ve been thinking about for the past two years. Well, 2022 is the perfect time to get started. All you need is a little focus and the rest is up to you. Here’s what you do: Grab a 2-ounce bottle of kava (shake it) and only drink half. After a few minutes, you may start to notice things seem a little clearer. Now is the time to strike!

Grab a pen and paper or cozy up behind your vintage typewriter or saddle up at your computer—whichever you prefer—and start writing. That’s it. It’s all about “start doing” whatever it is you want to do. Continuing with the writing example, the goal isn’t to produce a masterpiece overnight but to put words to page. Do this every night, over and over again. Set mini-goals for yourself: “I’m going to write three pages every night.” Do this over and over for weeks. It’s all about focus, repetition, and consistency. After a few weeks, it will practically be second nature.

Starting Your New Year Right—A Few More Tips

These are only a few ways a kava drink can help you toward the goals you want to accomplish in 2022. Kava is also only a small part of a much bigger picture. When you set goals for yourself, it’s crucial to give yourself a solid foundation to stand on. Every goal should be as specific as possible. You might say, “I want to write my novel,” but what about writing your novel?

Dig into the goal and turn it into something like: “I want to write to write three pages every day until I complete the first draft of my novel by October 31.” The more specifics you give yourself—including deadlines—the more actionable your goal becomes. Kava only helps give you the focus you need to buckle down and get started.

Another thing to keep in mind is that progress toward a goal should be measurable. Track everything. Keep a checklist and monitor your progress. It’s great to have a visual you can reference. And finally, make sure your goal actually makes sense for you. Don’t make it something so aggressive that you can’t achieve it. When you set goals going into 2022, make them about you—and that can include goals related to you personally, your family, your career, and so on. After all, it’s “new year, new you!” And as you begin your journey to “new you,” grab some kava and see how it can help you work toward—and crush—your 2022 goals.

About Botanic Tonics

Known for their “feel free wellness tonic,” Botanic Tonics brings the power of kava directly to your doorstep. Their wellness tonic kava drink is made with kava and a blend of other ancient plants, including natural sweeteners like pineapple juice and stevia leaf. Botanic Tonics formulates this unique euphoric drink as a way to enhance your lifestyle. It’s made to help you find focus when you need to work or when you want to feel bliss after a day of work. Enjoy it in place of alcohol when you’re out socializing. Kava brings you many of the feelings that come with hard beverages without the downsides. Botanic Tonics makes enjoying kava easier than ever so you can feel good and feel free on your terms!

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