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Getting ready for winter pest infestation!

With the onset of winter, you can have some serious pest problems in your hands. When the temperature starts dropping, welcoming the winter, different varieties of pests are seen coming into your home to seek shelter, food, and warmth. You may not know but these pests can creep into your vehicle as well. you won’t want that, will you?

As winter approaches, here is the list of pests that you need to watch out for. Be prepared for welcoming these pests with pest control techniques so that, they don’t cause any trouble.

  • Rodents

The first pests to set their feet in your house are rats and mice. It is not just winter, but any season at any given time, if they find an opening these pests come into your home without an invitation. It is during winter that you will find an increase in rodent issues. Rodents make coin-sized holes and enter through the cracks in the basement or open windows. If the rat is pregnant, then the whole things get messy and infested.

Just imagine, a rat died in one of the holes and it can’t be located. The stench will fill the house in no time. Rodents are carriers of diseases so, as soon as you suspect rodent infestation it is best if you can call the professional pest control team to run an inspection.

  • Cockroaches

Next on the list are small creepy crawlies that hide in any available space they can find. You guessed it right, these pests are cockroaches. These pests appear frequently during the winter season as they cannot tolerate cold weather. It is because of that, cockroaches visit your house like your long-lost aunty in search of warmth.

Cockroach infestation leads to unhygienic conditions as they carry disease-producing germs. People fighting allergies and asthma should also steer clear of cockroaches. Open food, food items are a treat to them and from garbage to eatables, you can see them everywhere. So, not just during winter, use natural remedies to keep them away or call the pest control Service in Delhi.

  • Beetles and stored pests

The holiday season begins and with decorations come unwanted guests. As you are bringing in new plants or unboxing old boxes of clothes you may want to keep your disinfectants ready. Pests like silverfish, moths, beetle, and stink bugs may pop up now and then from the covered boxes. These pests may escape from old clothes and enter your curtains, carpets, and closet. The pests mentioned are so small that you may miss them in a wink of an eye.

In case you are planning to put up a Christmas tree near your house during the holidays then it would be best if you could inspect it thoroughly. There may be pests hiding in between leaves and waiting for a free ride home.

  • Spiders

Spiders may seem quite harmless, catching other pests for you. The webs and their presence themselves can be a nuisance for people. These pests if increase in numbers, can be seen everywhere. They can also cause skin irritation if you get in contact with one of them. Spiders don’t harm humans until and unless they sense danger, but the thought of their long legs on your food makes you puke a few times.

You can try using natural remedies to get rid of them in an eco-friendly way or call professional pest control to treat spider infestation with other pests.

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  • Ladybugs

During winter, ladybugs are easily attracted to light and heat. To keep themselves warm they may enter your home without any invitation. These pests may seem harmless to you, having them at your home can be a nuisance. They look good in the garden, don’t they? The ladybugs could be removed by vacuum. If still, you find ladybugs flying around the house, then you better call the pest control company to send them out.

  • Bed bugs

Bedbugs are another category of pests that harm humans. These can be found all around the year in your bed. They become very active during winters as bedbugs find it very cozy to share the bedding. You may never know when they transferred themselves to your house from the hotel rooms that you may have visited. There are lists of home remedies to treat bedbugs but if you don’t any difference even after administering them you may have to call professionals.

Bedbug infestation could leave you with severe rashes and other such skin diseases. Some of them are even said to get inside the skin to lay eggs. So, get them removed on the first sighting.

  • Ants

Hardworking pests with a sweet tooth, ants line up for food wherever you may leave a crumb. Whether it is through the crack on the foundation or plants, they somehow find a way to enter your house. If you see an ant infestation in your house, first start with the cleaning of the entire house. Remove all traces of food and pheromones used by the ants to track the food. It may be a bit difficult to get rid of them in one go. If the problem persists, remember to call the pest control team to bid them bye.

What to do?

As it is said prevention is better than cure, you can take some preventive measures to control pest infestation at home. To protect yourself from pests this winter, try these easy tips.

  • Seal all holes and gaps around the house and include all the cracks in the foundation and tears in the window screen.
  • Inspect firewood thoroughly before bringing them in. Try to keep it at least 20 feet above the ground.
  • Trim the vegetation away from the roof and walls of your house. The hanging branches touching the walls act as a highway for these pests.
  • Keep your food sealed in air-tight containers on elevated shelves or refrigerators.
  • Minimize left-over food and clean the surfaces regularly.

Try these tips to keep the pests under control this winter.

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