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GFO Farms For Healthy Dairy Products

The Green Field Organics (GFO) is an organic dairy farm located in the lush green surroundings in Jhajjar, Haryana. Equipped with modern facilities, it is the home to high breed Desi Gir and Sahiwal cows for producing high-quality Dairy Products. Superior nutrients are vital for maintaining excellent health and immunity. Hence, we strive to offer raw, pure, and natural cow milk that is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Farming Background of our Dairy Products

The founders of GFO Farming possess a strong farming background backed by the love and farming experience of many generations behind the venture. The company-owned farm owns high breed Desi & Sahiwal cows, specially procured from the best agencies across India.

Cows are kept under strict supervision and nurtured with utmost care. They are fed with high-quality fodder which is grown through organic farming at our farms. Their health is regularly monitored by a resident doctor, always available for their upkeep and to cater to any emergency. Our cows have 24*7 accesses to the required fodder and water. We keep them under cool and airy sheds. They can roam around freely on the farm and soak sunlight for hours so that milk produced by them is naturally enriched with Vitamin D.

We strictly abhor feeding cows with any artificial growth hormones. They are fed naturally for producing 100% natural, pure, and fresh cow milk. We maintain a zero-touch policy throughout the process to negate any slightest possibility of contamination.

Quality Assurance

Your health is our priority. Hence, we have implemented strict hygiene guidelines to maintain high-quality products from production until delivery.

  • No chemicals and preservatives- Fresh, pure, and natural milk
  • High-quality organic feed for cattle
  • Fresh milk produced daily and delivered within a few hours of milking
  • Eco-friendly glass bottles packaging

Our Milk

We swear by our dairy products quality as it does not contain any type of additives or preservatives. It is wholesome milk that is directly produced from the cows. Milking is done through automatic milking machines to avoid any kind of contamination through the human touch. After collecting milk, it is cooled at 4°C temperature, so that, our milk remains fresh and nutritious. We do not pasteurize it as it kills all the good bacteria. The milk is 100% pure which can be boiled at home to kill bacteria. Our products are FSSAI certified which is the hallmark of quality. Milk Delivery in Gurgaon and other areas of Delhi in eco-friendly glass bottles to maintain a sustainable supply chain throughout the process.

Great Benefits of A2 Cow Milk For Your Skin

In the past few years, Gurgaon (Haryana) has boomed as a business hub with multinationals proliferating at an increasing pace in the city. The changing lifestyle and growing consumption of adulterated food especially milk has become the major cause of various health issues observed in the population. Due to its great health benefits, Doctors have also been recommending the regular intake of Cow Milk. However, finding a pure and authentic Milk supplier in Gurgaon has been a challenging task.

Speaking on entering a niche area of the dairy industry which is still largely dominated by local milkmen and the dairy MNCs supplying processed milk, the company spokesperson said, “Finding pure, fresh, and natural Cow Milk is a daunting task in Gurgaon and yet finding a promising and trustworthy Cow Milk supplier is even tougher”. Further sharing the information he told, “Looking at the appalling condition of cattle in unhygienic condition and increasing cases of milk adulteration, we decided to revisit our roots and introduce a set up focused on delivering pure, safe, and hygienic Milk in Gurgaon directly from the farm to home”.

Our Research

“During our research, we also came across the cases of cattle being injected with artificial hormones for producing milk in higher quantity. Additionally, mixing chemicals and pesticides for increasing the thickness is also a prevalent practice. Besides, customers usually buy the packaged milk after 4-5 days of being collected from the farms. Hence, it is understood they are mixed with preservatives to maintain its freshness and thickness”, he further added.

We provide unadulterated milk sans any preservatives like formalin, unlike the other local dairy vendors. Fresh milk is obtained from healthy cows by our farmers every morning, which is then delivered to your doorstep by our delivery staff. Regular health check-ups are conducted for our staff on a regular basis to ensure safe and hygienic delivery of the milk.

The company’s journey began with the intention of delivering the Best Cow Milk to every household which is 100% pure and produced from happy and healthy Gir Cow. Our dairy products are free from harmful preservatives. The company works on the model of farm to home doorstep delivery. Everything is produced through an organic and sustainable farming system. The cattle are treated as family members and the company takes utmost care by providing them a healthy environment and nutritious food so that they remain healthy and happy.

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