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How Can College Students Save Money Through Smartphone Apps?

College students have a lot of expenses to cover from their college fees to their daily expenses. Managing their finances, along with their studies, can be a tough challenge for them to face. If you are a student in college, then you might as well be handling similar circumstances. To save yourself from debt, it would be better if you are aware of your financial standing beforehand. To further help you out, we have some exciting news for you. There are some money-saving smartphone applications that you can use to lower your expenses and even save money!


Technology has never ceased to benefit us. The ever-growing advantages of it in every aspect often catch us in wonder. Being able to save money with the help of smartphone devices sounds quite fascinating. And for college students, it is just as remarkable. Here are some wondrous smartphone apps that will promote money-saving for college students like you:


1. Mint:

It is an excellent app, developed in the year 2006. Whenever someone is discussing the money-saving apps, Mint is said to top the rest. The characteristics of Mint include tracking, managing, and budgeting all your money in one place. You can also check where you spent your money and determine what expenses you would need to cut off. Mint happens to synchronize your accounts to your phone. Furthermore, it makes the transactions and funds more accessible to you. Moreover, it recommends your investments which will help you to make your lifestyle better and to assist you in financial planning. 


2. Digit:

Digit takes the definition of a money-saving app quite literally, as the sole purpose of Digit is to save some amount for you from your money. Apart from tracking your bank account information, it keeps withdrawing small portions of money, depending upon your setting and keeps it safe by depositing it in another account called Digit account. The best part about it is that you can withdraw the saved amount at any required time. This app would be best if you are saving up for an upcoming expense like college fee, or to buy a new laptop. 


3. GasBuddy

If you own a vehicle, then you know the gas expenses are not getting any lighter on your pocket. Using the same routes for college, you are not likely to find out if you can get the gas a little cheaper or not. Hence enters GasBuddy. This cool app can easily track your location and can tell you as to where can you find the lowest rates for gas within the 50-mile range of your current location. It can help you save a lot of cash that you spend on transportation every day. Law Assignment Help can help you out in your college life a lot, and they also promote GasBuddy as the perfect gas app. 


4. The Shop Savvy App:

The barcodes have a backside to them only the buyers can get. Now, Shop Savvy has something special stored for you, which will make the whole barcode experience easier for you. Just scan the barcode and Shop Savvy will tell you if you can find that item in a better price online. Moreover, it helps in comparing prices, so you know that you are making the most out of your shopping experience and spending lesser on it. 


5. Coupon Sherpa:

Remember when you had to carry those coupon cut-outs around to get a discount? Well, not anymore. Now, you can bring those coupons directly on your smartphone. Coupon Sherpa accesses you to over a hundred discount coupons right under your thumbs. Check them out before going for shopping and see if you can use any of them. The cashier will scan them and offer you the discounted prices as promised. An easy way to reduce your shopping expenses!


6. Level Money:

This app is somewhat similar to Digit but with some added perks. Level Money can keep a check on your bank account activity plus set aside the money for extra expenses that you might need in the future. The fun part is, Level Money can track your past spending, and according to that, it will assign you the spendable money for that month. It can even predict your future income and expenditure through your past data which will help you acknowledge whether or not can you buy something daily. 


7. I Love Free Things:

Being a college student, would you ever ignore the free stuff that you might be able to get? Of course, not. I Love Free Things, or the ILFT app is all that you need to use to do so. You can get it delivered on your doorstep, or you can go and get them nearby. This app will save you so much money that you spend on your everyday things. Can it get any better?

How Can College Students Save Money Through Smartphone Apps?

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